Former Doctor Severely Beaten in Detention Centre

Following his arrest in August 2014, Mr. Liu Shaopeng was beaten at the Jieyang Detention Centre in Guangdong Province because he refused to renounce his belief in Falun Gong. He was beaten so severely that he vomited blood.

Mr. Liu was transferred to the Jiexi Detention Centre on December 3rd, 2014, by Huang Tinghui, deputy director of the detention centre.

Mr. Liu has been persecuted by Chinese Communist Party officials at his former workplace, Ciyun Hospital of the Jieyang Red Cross, since the persecution began in July 1999. Besides being monitored and harassed, his wages were also withheld and he was dismissed from his job in August 2002.

At detention centres and forced labour camps, Mr. Liu was tortured with various methods including sleep deprivation and forced-feeding.

Perpetrators involved in persecuting Mr. Liu:
Huang Tinghui (黄庭辉), deputy manager of the Jieyang City Detention Centre
Zhang Linhua (张林华), director of the Jiexi County Police Department: +86-13925608089 (Mobile)
Du Xiaoyang (杜小洋), secretary of Jieyang City Political and Legal Affairs
Committee: +86-13902753316 (Mobile), +86-663-8536316 (Office)
Xie Yaoqi (谢耀琪), director of the Jieyang City Police Department: +86-13925637111 (Mobile)
Pan Junyang (潘军阳), head of the local Domestic Security Division: +86-13822969755 (Mobile)

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