Blood Sample Drawn for No Apparent Reason at Liaoning Women's Prison

Since organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners in China was first exposed in 2006, many practitioners have come to a shocking realization. The unexplained physical examinations and blood tests they were forced to go through while detained could very well have put them in danger of becoming a victim of this state-sanctioned crime.

The following is an account given by a practitioner of how her blood was withdrawn at Liaoning Women's Prison in 2005.

Forced to Have Blood Sample Taken

Police from the Shuncheng District in Fushun City arrested me in March 2003. I was later tried at Shuncheng Court and served a 6-year term in Liaoning Women's Prison, from November 24th, 2003, to March 1st, 2009.

I remember that we were not given any breakfast on the morning of April 25th, 2005. Instead the guards told us that we had to go through a physical examination. This applied to all of the 2,800 inmates detained there.

We were escorted to the first floor of the education building, which had been temporarily set up for the physical examinations. The guards divided us into groups of 30 and instructed us to form lines outside and wait for our turn. When we got inside the building, we were told to form a circle and each of us was handed a form with only our names on it.

The physical examination consisted of only a blood test, and that was it. None of the 20 plus medical personnel said a word. They just withdrew our blood. The tubes they used for storing the samples were about an inch in diameter and three inches long. The forms were collected at the same time our blood was taken. Then the guards directed us to leave the building using a different exit. I was never told why my blood was drawn.

Questions Start to Surface

After I was released, I learned about the many cases of forced organ harvesting from practitioners to supply a lucrative organ transplant trade in China. I was shocked because I remembered that my blood was withdrawn for no apparent reason. Many questions started to arise, but they would go unanswered. I had never heard of prison inmates being given physical examinations like we were.

The Liaoning Provincial Thrombus Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine in the Sujiatun District of Shenyang City was the first medical facility that was alleged to have performed such forced organ harvesting. And, Liaoning Women's Prison, also in Shenyang, has detained a large number of practitioners since the onset of the persecution.

According to earlier reports published on the Minghui website, the number of organ transplants performed in China spiked after the year 2000. This was just shortly after the persecution against Falun Gong began.

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