Sixteen Falun Gong Practitioners in China Arrested for Their Belief

When police officers in China arrest Falun Gong practitioners, their actions are unlawful, because these people have not broken any law. Policemen frequently break into practitioners' homes and steal anything they want. Though it is called “confiscation,” they actually rob practitioners of their personal belongings.

Sixteen Practitioners Arrested and Homes Ransacked

Sixteen Falun Gong practitioners from Fushun City, Liaoning Province were arrested on June 20th, 2014. While seven have been released, the rest are being held at the Fushun Detention Centre.

Prior to this large scale arrest, many of the practitioners were reportedly followed by officers from the Wushun Police Department. Details are yet to be investigated.

Police officers from Shuncheng District and Xinfu District made the arrests and took the practitioners to various police stations in Shuncheng District.

Many of the practitioners' homes were broken into and ransacked. Among them was the home of 69-year-old Ms. Xu Guizhen from the Gaowan area, who was arrested by officers from the Gaowan Police Station. Her laptop, an ink jet printer, and a laser printer were confiscated.

The police also ransacked Mr. Li Li's home, which is located on Erdao Street, at around 1:30 pm on June 21st and stole several thousand yuan in cash1.

Police officers followed Ms. Tang Hongyan as she drove home to the Gebu area. When she stopped, they grabbed her house keys and opened the door. Details are yet to be investigated.

Ms. Xu Guizheng, Mr. Wang Jiaguo, Ms. Tang Hongyan, Mr. Li Li, Ms. Wang Defeng, Ms. Wei Shaomin, Ms. Wang Guoying, Mr. Lin Bo, and Mr. Zhe are still in police custody.

Ms. Zhou Yufang, Tian Xianyun, and Ms. Guan Jiali were sent to the Fushun Detention Centre in the Nangou area, but were not admitted because they failed the physical examination. Ms. Zhao Yumei, Ms. Xiu Xiuqing, Ms. Lin Yuzhen, and Ms. Guan Fuzhen have also been released.

Parties involved in these arrests:
Wang Shuya (王淑雅), secretary of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee: +86-24-2650010 (office), +86-24-2867999 (office)
Zhang Zhongmin (张忠民), director of the Fushun City Police Department: +86-24-2787001 (office), +86-24-2624451 Ext. 201 (office)
Wen Xixin (温希新), director of the Shuncheng Police Department: +86-24-7656618 (office), +86-13514130001 (mobile)
Guo Jian (郭建), political commissar of the Shuncheng Police Department: +86-24-7645069 (office), +86-13942334000(mobile)
Jiao Chen (焦臣), deputy director of the Shuncheng Police Department's Domestic Security Division: +86-24-8261133 (office), +86-13841339033 (mobile)
Ji Ming (季明), director of the Gebu Police Station: +86-24-7103011 (office), +86-13842360899 (mobile)
Han Jianming (韩建明), director of the Fushun City Police Station: +86-24-7894177 (office), +86-13941362666 (mobile)


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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