Finland: Two Sisters Hold Signature Drive to Free Their Mother the Day Before Mother's Day

Practitioners Ms. Jin Zhaoyu and Ms. Jin Zhaohuan, two sisters, went to Rovaniemi in northern Finland on May 10, 2014, with other practitioners to hold a signature drive to secure the release of their mother, Ms. Chen Zhenping, who is being held in Xinxiang City Women's Prison for practising Falun Gong.

May 11 was Mother's Day, and Ms. Jin Zhaoyu and Ms. Jin Zhaohuan wanted to do what they could to help free their mother and to make it possible to again practice Falun Gong freely in China.

Practitioners collect petition signatures in Roveaniemi to help rescue Ms. Chen Zhenping Locals sign the petition to release Ms. Chen Zhenping

Ms. Chen Zhenping was illegally arrested at her home during the 2008 Olympics and sentenced to eight years in Xinxing City Women's Prison. No one is allowed to see her, including her lawyer and her family.

According to a report on the Minghui website in August 2013, Ms. Chen's vision has deteriorated and she has been persecuted to the point of mental collapse. Two inmates were assigned to monitor, brainwash, and “transform” her from 7 a.m. to midnight daily. The two inmates talked to Ms. Chen until 2-3 a.m., hoping to deprive her of sleep, which makes it easier to "transform" a person.

The head of the prison ordered an inmate to steal money from her, so that she could not even buy personal necessities in the prison.

Mainstream Media in Finland Report on the Issue
Mainstream media in Finland have reported widely on Ms. Chen Zhenping's case. Amnesty International has urged the Chinese government to release her immediately. Finns have sent cards to the prison, asking that they be forward to Ms. Chen and expressing their hope that she will soon be free.

Representatives from the local chapter of Amnesty International helped practitioners collect signatures and tell people the truth about the persecution.

Many people signed the petition.

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