European Practitioners at New York Fa Conference Share Benefits of Falun Dafa

Thousands of Falun Gong practitioners from all over the world held a rally and a parade in New York on May 14, 2014, showcasing the beauty of Falun Dafa and exposing the persecution of Falun Gong in China. Among them were many from Europe.

French Practitioner Anita: Cultivation Gives Me More Confidence
French Falun Dafa practitioner Anita was very happy that she was able to attend the 2014 New York Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference and activities. She said, “Falun Gong is the most important in my life. I know Dafa is the law of the universe. My life has been completely changed since I started cultivation. I'm more confident about myself.”

French Falun Dafa practitioner Anita

Anita added, “We hold a parade here today, hoping people will find out the true story of Falun Gong, no matter if they are Chinese or Westerners. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) smears Falun Gong. But everyone can see through his own eyes what Falun Gong is and what kind of people Falun Dafa practitioners are...It's World Falun Dafa Day as well as Master's birthday. It's such a happy occasion for Falun Dafa practitioners. No words can describe how thankful we are to Master. ”

German Practitioner Gudrun: My Heart Brought Me to New York
German practitioner Gudrun told the reporter, “I have been practising [Falun Dafa] for a long time and have been to New York many times. Upon hearing about the conference, my heart naturally brought me to New York.”

German practitioner Gudrun

Gudrun said, “I'm very grateful and feel very fortunate from the bottom of my heart. I hold deep gratitude to Master.” The first time Gudrun read Zhuan Falun , she couldn't help crying, “This is the book I have been looking for in my life!” Gudrun said, “There wouldn't be Falun Dafa or cultivation without Master. He gave us guidance and this great opportunity. No words can describe my gratitude...After hearing Master's lecture at the conference, I realized I must work harder. Master alerted us in a very very compassionate way. I was deeply touched. I must do better on my cultivation.”

Gudrun came to the States to show people that Falun Dafa is great, and had been spread to the whole world. People should awaken to the facts. The persecution in China is completely unacceptable and must not continue.

Austrian Practitioner Isabella: Practising Falun Gong Ended My Long Search
Austrian practitioner Isabella has been practising Falun Gong for close to three years. She told the reporter, “It seems to me that practising Falun Gong has ended my long search [for answers]...Ever since I was a child, I had many questions that no one could answer. I had been looking for answers through different paths and theories...I read Zhuan Falun and found the answers I had been looking for. I seem to find my own experience in the book. I started practising Falun Gong... I'm especially thankful to Master...”

Austrian practitioner Isabella

When talking about changes since her starting cultivation, Isabella said, “I became more patient and more compassionate. My children have noticed my change. They said I became clear-minded, quiet and relaxed. Even though my children are in their rebelling ages, we don't have any conflict. We can put anything on the table and discuss it.”

Austrian Practitioner Florian: Cultivation Made Me Happy and Motivated
Austrian practitioner Florian said he came to New York for many reasons, “It gives me a chance to see fellow practitioners from all over the world. It's wonderful how everyone brings his own energy into the parade. On the other hand, we show people the beauty of Falun Dafa and the persecution by the CCP. It's very important!”

Austrian practitioner Florian

Florian said he felt very fortunate to see Master at the conference. He held deep gratitude to Master. Before he started cultivation, he had been suffering a painful period of life. His life was in a mess. “I even thought about whether I should end my life.” He felt very lucky to find Falun Gong. All things in his life have been improved through his cultivation. “I rediscovered the happiness in my reporting career. I also feel motivated in my life.”

Russian Practitioner Ivan: Falun Gong Is the Best Practice in the World
Ivan Kugimov came from south Russia. Dressed in military uniform, he looked proud and dignified. Ivan explained why he chose to join the parade in military uniform, “Russian people have been persecuted by the Communist Party. I want to let people know there are Falun Dafa practitioners in Russia. I would like to show the beauty of Falun Dafa.”

Russian practitioner Anna (left), Ivan (middle) and Natalie

Ivan's old illnesses were gone after he started practising Falun Gong in 2005. He enjoyed a better relationship with his family. His daughter joined him in cultivation. Ivan said, “I used to be a stern soldier before cultivation. After I started cultivating myself, I became kind and thoughtful. I'm very lucky to practice Falun Gong. I have found the best practice in the world. Falun Gong has given me so much. I'm thankful to Master!”

German Practitioner Artjom: I Found a Complete System of Cultivation in Dafa
“It's a wonderful feeling! We have just finished our parade. We distributed flyers to passersby and told them about Falun Gong.” said Artjom, a Falun Gong practitioner from Germany. He was happy to see fellow practitioners from all over the world and get a chance to expose the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

German practitioner Artjom

Artjom started practising Falun Gong in 2008. He had been looking for a way of cultivation and tried many of them before then. He said, “I finally found a complete system of cultivation in Falun Dafa. There is no need to ask, all the answers are in it. All I need to do is to follow Dafa's principles...I used to smoke and drink. I quit them easily after I started cultivation...If we can follow Master's instruction and continue to improve ourselves, it's what makes Master most happy.”

Artjom would like to take this opportunity to tell Chinese people, “Falun Dafa is great! Why do you have negative thought about it? You don't have to cultivate yourself in Dafa, but you have to open your eyes and find out about it.”

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