Germany: Munich Falun Dafa Day Celebration Draws Public Support to End the Persecution

Practitioners from Munich, Germany, and nearby cities held activities over the past weekend to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day as well as the 22 nd anniversary of Falun Dafa’s introduction to the public.

The event took place at the Marienplatz (also known as Mary's Square), a renowned resort in the city center of Munich, which attracts many tourists. The peaceful exercises caught the attention of passersby and many of them stopped at the booth for more information.

Practitioners doing exercises at Marienplatz in Munich

Upon learning about the brutal persecution of practitioners in China, quite a few people signed a petition calling for its end. Many Chinese tourists who stopped to learn the facts also agreed to take a stance against the ongoing abuse by formally renouncing the CCP (the Chinese Communist Party).

The residents and tourists were shocked by the severity of the persecution, especially organ harvesting from living practitioners.

After studying the poster display, a well-dressed woman said, “My son works in China and I am afraid my signature could affect his job.” As she read further, she changed her mind. “I cannot remain silent in the face of such an atrocity; otherwise, I will regret it.” She then signed the petition.

People sign a petition calling for an end to the persecution

An elderly woman could not accept that live organ harvest could happen in the modern society. After practitioners provided some background information and gave a few examples, she understood the cruelty of the massive persecution in China and signed the petition.

Another woman told practitioners after signing the petition, “I will let more people know about this through my social networks.”

Chinese Tourists Learn the Facts
Many Chinese tourists had been thoroughly deceived by the CCP's propaganda against Falun Gong. However, seeing the peaceful movements and friendly faces of the practitioners in Munich seemed to spark questions in their minds. When practitioners explained the facts about the practice and the brutal persecution, many of these tourists began to understand the real situation and express support.

A tour guide from China chatted with practitioners during a break. Touched by the practitioners’ words, he said, “I sense that you really wish me to have a safe future and to help those in my tour group. Thank you.” He happily agreed to quit the CCP.

A middle-aged Chinese tourist took note of the practitioners' steadfast efforts to help their fellow Chinese. When talking about the current situation in China, he said, “China has a lot of problems right now and people all lie to each other.” A practitioner mentioned the saying, “Good is rewarded with good, and evil meets evil,” and he heartily agreed. In the end, he gladly renounced his membership to the Youth League of the CCP.

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