Mr. Liu Xifeng Being Severely Tortured in Shenzhen Brainwashing Centre

Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Liu Xifeng taught at the Nantou High School in Shenzhen. Mr. Liu has been tortured in prisons for ten years during the past 14 years of persecution of Falun Gong, and has become disabled as a result. He is currently incarcerated in Shenzhen Legal School, which is actually the Xili Brainwashing Centre. His food has been poisoned with nerve-damaging drugs and he is a facing mental collapse.

Mr. Liu's wife, Ms. Wang Xiaodong, was also a Falun Gong practitioner. The Nanshan District 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong) in Shenzhen ordered her arrest and she died as a result of torture in the Nanshan Detention Centre.

Both Mr. Liu and Ms. Wang were teachers at the Nantou High School. The school fired them because they refused to give up their belief in Falun Gong. The couple was arrested again in September 2002. Ms. Wang's legs sustained numerous needle punctures and she died in July 2003, due to the relentless torture. Mr. Liu was wrongfully sentenced to ten years in prison. Their son, Liu Xiang, was 11 years old at the time and was sent to an orphanage.

Mr. Liu was transferred to the Sihui Prison in December 2003. He was brutally tortured, and his legs were crippled as a result. After he served his term, no one was there to pick him up.

He was transferred to the Xili Brainwashing Centre in Shenzhen in February 2012 for more torture. He was miserable there because couldn't really walk and care for his daily needs. He was later released.

Shortly after his release, Mr. Liu was arrested again for visiting an embassy. He was taken to the Xili Brainwashing Centre in September 2013 and is still being detained.

Mr. Liu wrote this article to the Minghui website, telling his story at the Xili Brainwashing Centre:

I was put in Room 704 in the reception building on Dongxiao Road at 9:00 p.m. on April 10th, 2002. It was an unannounced interrogation. The police wanted me to reveal the names of other practitioners and I refused. A police officer with last name Wang slapped me repeatedly. He wrapped tape around my head, leaving out only the nose. He asked me questions, and if I refused to answer, he quickly pulled off the tape. The tape pulled out my hair, eyebrows, and moustache by the roots. The pain was excruciating. He repeatedly applied tape and pulled it off during the interrogation.

Officer Xiao Shizhong had four security guards hired from a private company, Longgang Security Guard Service Company in Shenzhen, to help him torture me. They included Tang Jianfeng, Yan Hui, Zhou Huaicheng, and Xiao Lei. Xiao Shizhong told them to “train” me. The lights and the recorder were turned off. The four security guards sat me on a chair and cuffed my hands to the back of the chair. They tilted the chair, and one held my head down, one held down my shoulders, and the other two pulled my legs wide open until they were almost in a straight line. They held me still in this position for two minutes and suddenly let go all together. After a minute, they repeated the torture. After doing this three times, I started vomiting from the terrible pain. I started having spasms and fell unconscious. The security guards then put me on a bed in Room 702.

After I regain consciousness, an officer with last name of Wang beat me and dragged me by my hair to Room 704 to continue the interrogation, but I remained silent. Wang beat me again and used a strong light to burn my face. The temperature of the light bulb was very high. I immediately heard a sizzling sound and smelled my burning flesh. Wang started from my nose and moved the light to my eyes and face. In a few minutes, my face was scorched badly and disfigured. Yang (first name unknown), a director who was in charge of the interrogation process, came over and punched my head several times, demanding that I open my mouth so he could throw a burning cigarette into it. I refused and he tried to force my mouth open. The interrogation lasted for over an hour. It ended when I started vomiting, having convulsions, and finally lost consciousness.

Perpetrators who participated in the persecution of Mr. Liu Xifeng:
Shenzhen City National Security Bureau
Xiao Shizhong (肖世忠), chief
Yang (first name unknown), director
Wang (first name unknown), officer
Wang Wei (王伟), officer
Liu (first name unknown), chief
Department of Internal Medicine of Shenzhen Armed Police Hospital
Lu Min (路敏), head nurse
Geng Jie (耿杰), nurse on duty
Longgang Security Guard Service Company-
Song Shichao (宋世超)
Tang Jianfeng (唐建峰) (former soldier, violent)
Yan Hui (晏辉), Zhou Huaicheng (周怀成), and Xiao Lei (肖磊)
Wang Fei (王飞), male, former director of the 610 Office of Shenzhen City Political and Legislative Commission: +86-13902902989 (Mobile)
Xili Brainwashing Centre in Shenzhen (Shenzhen Legal Education School)
Zhou Huaichun (周怀春), male, principal: +86-755-26001761 (H)
Qu Shaode (曲绍德), male, in his forties, deputy principal: +86-13825251888 (Mobile), +86-18923889277 (Mobile),

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