Ms. Ren Ping Repeatedly Tortured, Raped and Sexually Abused Over the Course of a Decade

Ms. Ren Ping, a Falun Gong practitioner from Langfang City, Hebei Province, has been arrested at least 8 times during the 14-year-long persecution. She's been detained in detention centres, brainwashing centres, forced labour camps and the basement of Beijing Police Hospital. Ms. Ren Ping has suffered cruel and inhuman persecution at the hands of evildoers---including torture, rape and sexual abuse. Several times she's nearly died.

Beaten and Tied to Death Bed at Langfang Detention Centre

In mid-October, 1999, when Ms. Ren went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong she was arrested. She was picked up by Langfang police and detained at Langfang Detention Centre. While she was detained, guards Yang Hua, Yan Zhen and Feng Guangji slapped her face, pulled her hair and hit her head with a stick. She was tortured for 30 days and blackmailed 2000 yuan1.

On March 6th, 2000, Ms. Ren returned to Beijing to appeal but was arrested by the police again. She was detained for 30 days and blackmailed 1000 yuan. While she was detained, her legs were kicked so hard by Xing, the head of the detention centre that they were black and purple with bruises.

On May 13th, 2000, Ms. Ren went to Beijing again to appeal and was taken to the Tiananmen Square police station. There she was severely beaten up for more than one hour and extorted of 500 yuan. Afterwards she was taken to Langfang Detention Centre.

Because she protested being detained, she was tied to the death bed2 for more than 45 hours. As she lay there suffering, one guard told inmate Li Yingping to stuff her mouth with a wet cloth. She nearly suffocated.

On June 18th, 2000, Ms. Ren did the exercises in front a bank. As a result she was beaten up by the evildoing police officers who pushed her head to the ground and stepped on it. Three officers beat her for over an hour. She was detained at Langfang Detention Centre for 25 days. Detention centre head Xing Shifeng put her into a solitary confinement cell, beat her up and slapped her face with a shoe more than 100 times. As a result of the beating her left ear became swollen, her left cheek and left side of her neck turned black purple and she lost hearing.

Physical Examination

On September 19th, 2000, police suddenly broke into Ms. Ren's house and attempted to arrest her. In order to avoid further persecution she left home for 19 months. Since the police couldn't find her, they detained her husband (a non-practitioner) for 15 days. Their child had no one to turn to and wandered the streets with no food or shelter. Afterwards the police kept going to her house to threaten and harass her family.

During the 19 months when Ms. Ren was on the lam, she was picked up and detained at Chaoyang Detention Centre in Beijing twice, a total of 6 months. She was beaten and hung up in handcuffs several times. She was blindfolded and locked up in a cage. She was deprived of food. They put handcuffs on her hands and shackled her feet. She was injected with unidentified substances at Minhang Hospital in Beijing

One day, near the end of 2000, while Ms. Ren was detained at Chaoyang Detention Centre, she along with five to six practitioners were sent to Minhang Hospital for a check-up. They were given different kinds of thorough check-ups which took the entire day. The doctor said that Ms. Ren was in good health.

After midnight the next day, she was brought out still wearing hand and ankle cuffs. Then she was stuffed into the trunk of a police car. The police said that they would send her out of town. With her hands cuffed behind her back, and shackles on her ankles that weighed over 10 kilograms and her body curled in the trunk, she was in indescribable pain. After they drove for about an hour, the car stalled and couldn't be restarted no matter how they tried. They got another car and drove Ms. Ren back to Chaoyang Detention Centre.

Every time Ms. Ren recalls this experience, she thinks of the thousands of Falun Gong practitioners who have been killed for their organs after having similar physical examinations. She shudders with fear, thinking that the same may have happened to her if the car hadn't stalled.

Beaten and Raped

At around 9 p.m. on May 14th , 2001, Ms. Ren was posting Falun Gong leaflets exposing the persecution in Beijing and was stopped by a police officer. When he searched her lower body he touched her private parts. Ms. Ren stopped him and told him not to commit bad deeds. The officer didn't listen. Instead, he beat her with his rubber baton for more than an hour. As a result Ms. Ren's entire body was covered in bruises. Some passers-by couldn't stand this cruelty any more and stepped forward to stop him. The evildoing officer shouted, “She's Falun Gong. It's okay to beat her to death!”

As the he continued to beat her Ms. Ren fell to the ground. Two of her front upper teeth were knocked out and her head was bruised. Her entire body swelled and she was black and blue all over. He hit Ms. Ren's right ear and temple with another heavy blow, and she passed out. He pulled her unconscious body to the foot of Dongzhimen Bridge and raped her. After that he shoved the rubber stick into her vagina.

It's not clear how much time passed, but when Ms. Ren woke up her lower body was in extreme pain. She suddenly realized what happened. She saw that this evildoer who raped her was sitting there, smoking. When she started to shout for help, he said without any fear, “I raped you. You didn't obey me, so I'll beat you to death and throw your body into the river. We had a meeting in our station. They said we can do anything we want to Falun Gong.” He only got up and left when Ms. Ren said that she would report him to the police station.

After the officer hurried off, Ms. Ren slowly got up and walked with great difficulty from under the bridge. She met a kind-hearted taxi driver who drove her back to where she lived. Ms. Ren lay in bed for three days, unable to move. There were many bruises all over her body and she drifted in and out of consciousness. It wasn't until the fourth day that she totally regained consciousness.

Beaten Unconscious by Guards at Chaoyang Detention Centre

On October 26th, 2001, when Ms. Ren was distributing Falun Gong leaflets exposing the persecution in residential buildings in Beijing, she was arrested by the police and sent to Sanjianfang Police Station. She was locked up in a iron cage for one day and one night with her hands and feet cuffed.

The next day she was taken to Chaoyang Detention Centre and detained there for over two months. Four guards beat her with sticks. They poked her with sticks and kicked her head and face. Her eyes became swollen and black due to the beatings.

When she was detained at Chaoyang Detention Centre, Ms. Ren refused to write the guarantee statement to renounce practising Falun Gong or report her name. She also protested by going on a hunger strike.

Because she dared to protest she was subjected to solitary confinement in a small cell with her two arms cuffed behind her back. Guard Wang Xiuyun told the inmates to beat her into unconsciousness and to revive her by pouring cold water over her, then again beat her out of consciousness and revive her again by pouring cold water over her, and to keep doing this.

When she was beaten into unconsciousness for the last time, she was only brought back after the villains poured 40 basins of cold water over her. When Ms. Ren regained consciousness, she found herself soaked in water, her arms and legs were hugely swollen due to the beatings and she was in extreme pain.

At Chaoyang Detention Centre, Ms. Ren was subjected to force-feeding for three days and was tortured to the brink of death.

“The police are murdering me!”, Cries Heard from the Basement of Beijing Police Hospital

On December 26th, 2001, the Chaoyang Detention Centre transferred Ms. Ren to the basement of Beijing Police Hospital. She had been tortured to the brink of death and they pretended to “rescue her” but in fact their intention was subject her to an even more horrible torture.

Ms. Ren was handcuffed and dragging shackles with iron balls weighing more than 10 kilograms around her ankles. There are endless iron doors in the basement which are eerie and ghastly. The path was long and winding and she walked for a very long time. The basement is quite large and the only people imprisoned there are Falun Gong practitioners from all over the country. All of them were in danger due to the torture that they suffered at the detention centres located at different districts in Beijing. Every one of them was hand-cuffed and had shackles on their ankles. As soon as they arrived, they were cuffed to beds 24 hours a day and could only have their cuffs opened when eating or going to the washroom.

Four Falun Gong practitioners were imprisoned in each cell, and they were shackled to beds both day and night. Around 1 or 2 a.m., one could often hear the miserable cry, “The police are murdering me!” Then the sounds of covering the mouth with blanket could be heard. After a while, it could be seen that someone was carried out. On almost every night, there was some practitioner who was carried out. It did not happen only in the cell of Ms. Ren where they could all see. In other places, one could only guess. One chief nurse once said, “This place almost become the concentration camp of Falun Gong. If they were not to be transported to other places, there will be hills of corpses and bones in this place.” How many sins are there secretly hidden in this place?

In the hospital basement, the so-called medical workers forced practitioners to take blood tests. Anyone who refused to take the test was tortured by being electrically shocked. During the twenty-seven days that Ms. Ren was detained there, she was forced to have blood drawn every day. Each time, they would take more than 60 ml blood. But why was so much taken? It remains a mystery until today.

At that time more than eighty practitioners were imprisoned in the Police Hospital basement. The police kept bringing in more practitioners. Every day more practitioners were carried inside.

Later the persecution of Ms. Ren was exposed on by fellow practitioners. Police from Langfang learned the whereabouts of Ms. Ren and after having contacted Chaoyang Detention Centre, they went to the Police Hospital to pick up Ms. Ren. Four officers came. When they saw her, they were shocked: Ms. Ren, who used to be attractive, gentle and quiet was misshapen due to the torture and they could hardly recognise her.

Stripped, Beaten up and Sexually Abused by Evildoing Guards from Tangshan Forced Labour Camp

On January 14th, 2002, officers from the Langfang Police Station shackled Ms. Ren's hands at her back and sent her to Yuecheng Brainwashing Centre of Langfang 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong) in Beijing. The Yuecheng Brainwashing Centre personnel threatened to make her write the “three statements” to denounce her belief which she refused. Because of this, an evildoer named Zhao Lihua hit her on the face and kicked her chest with leather boots and deprived her of sleep. She was detained in the brainwashing centre and suffered persecution for more than 30 days. She was also extorted of 10,000 yuan.

On March 8th, 2004, five evildoing police officers broke into Ms. Ren's house. They pushed her to the ground and began to beat her up. Then they took her to Kaiping Women's Forced Labour Camp in Tangshan City and detained her there for two years. During that period of time, she was subjected to solitary confinement in a small cell for 13 months. Because she didn't obey the guards' command, she was deprived of sleep. The evildoing guards punished her by making her stand facing the wall in the monitoring room which is very windy. They also told the inmates to pinch her, flick her eyeballs and slap her face so as to force her to write the “transformation statement” [forcibly renounce Falun Gong]. She had bruises all over her body.

During the summer the temperature was as high as 38 degrees Celsius inside the cell, but guard Chen Zhaoguang sealed the windows with adhesive tape. The head of Education Department, Ke Jibin, strangled her in order to prevent her saying “Falun Gong is good.” He said that they would make sure she would not leave that place alive. She suffered these tortures almost every day.

Once team head Yan Hongli and other three villains strode into the solitary confinement cell where she was detained, pulled the blanket off, and tore off her clothes. They didn't find what they were looking for: articles written by Falun Gong's Teacher, Li Hongzhi.

They pushed Ms. Ren to the ground and began to hit and kick her. They hit her on the face and her nose began to bleed. They pulled out a lot of her hair. Yan Hongli ordered the thugs to strip her and then ordered one inmate named Chen Yan to pull out all the hair on her private parts. The pain was so unbearable. Later, she was punished by standing and had to stand for about one hour, which made her dizzy. Ms. Ren's blood was everywhere.

During the 13 months when Ms. Ren was detained at the labor camp, she was often locked up in a dark room and beaten. She was deprived of food. When she asked to see the team head, the guard threatened to beat her again. The female team leader Chen Zhaoguang tried to force her to “transform” and often slapped her face. She made her hold her head, stand with both legs straight in front of a wall and facing it. Four people took turns monitoring her. She had to stand 24 hours a day, for 20 days. At the end, her legs had doubled in size, and she could no longer control her bladder. The evildoing guards only stopped when the prison doctor said that she would soon die.

Parents Pass Away Missing Their Daughter

During more than ten years of persecution, Ms. Ren's parents were frightened and under great stress. When she was homeless, the police came to the elderly parents' home to harass and threaten them in order to learn their daughter's whereabouts. The old couple was in their 70s. The police always waited until 11 p.m. or after midnight to harass and threaten them. They would also phone them and demand that they come to the police station to tell them their daughter's whereabouts. All of this put the elderly couple under extreme mental pressure. Whenever her mother heard that the police were coming, she would shudder in fear. She was so terrified that she lost control of her bladder. Constantly threatened by the police, the old couple lived in great fear and day by day their health deteriorated.

In March 2004 when they heard that their daughter was again taken to a forced labour camp, they were so worried about their daughter that the mother's condition suddenly worsened. Within a month, the mother died. As the mom lay dying, she wouldn't close her eyes. When her relatives told her that she need not to worry about her daughter, her tears rolled down. Five months later, the father also passed away.

When Ms. Ren got the news in prison that her parents had passed away, she was so heartbroken that she nearly fainted.

This cruel and inhuman persecution started by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has made it impossible for so many children to take care of their parents, couples to be together, parents to educate their children. How many happy families have been broken apart? How many people are now homeless and how many people have been murdered? The CCP persecutes good people. The horrendous pain and suffering Ms. Ren has been subjected to throughout the past 14 years is only the tip of the iceberg.


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

2. "Death Bed" torture: A practitioner is tied to a bed with his hands handcuffed above his head to the bed rails, and his legs tied with thin nylon ropes. The rope is then tightly wrapped around the practitioner's body and the bed, from his legs to his chest. The rope is wrapped so tightly that the practitioner has difficulty breathing and eventually loses consciousness.

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