The Gathering of Benevolence

The Falun Dafa practitioners taking part in the “SOS Rescue Walk” gathered at the federal square in Switzerland’s capital, Bern, on August 23, 2001. The weather was very nice that day. There was a clear blue sky above the parliamentary building as the Falun Dafa music was played softly at 8:30 a.m. There was a very special atmosphere in the air. I sensed at once that our fellow practitioners joining the “SOS Rescue Walk” would be here soon. Unsurprisingly, the practitioners from Geneva, Zurich, Basel and Sangalun arrived one after another.

In the Parliamentary Square, my mind was once again full with the happiness of sharing with other fellow practitioners the gathering together of Falun Dafa practitioners. We enjoyed together the blissful sense of benevolence and kindness. I held their hands tightly and embraced them while my eyes were brimming with warm tears. Other practitioners there were so excited that their eyes were brimming with tears as well. One of the practitioners said: Upon listening to the benevolent and peaceful Falun Dafa music as well as at the sight of the Falun Dafa banners, I got the feeling of coming home after being away for ages. As the practitioners entered the square with kindness and compassion in their minds, it was indeed a gathering of benevolence.

We started practising the Falun Gong exercises. As we proceeded to the fifth exercise and heard Master Li’s words “Expelling the energy out of your body” from the speakers, I all of a sudden got the feeling that my body disappeared. My body seemed to become the Chinese character of benevolence—“Shan”, and my two arms were just like the horizontal stroke in the center of the character. The lower part of my body including two legs crossing with each other formed the shape of a rectangle, and the upper part of my body symbolized the upper part of the character. Nevertheless, my mind was not interfered with and I kept sitting peacefully in meditation to display the character. It came to mind that, because of every Falun Dafa practitioner’s great compassion, my body was used to display the character of “Shan”.

By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Switzerland
September 4, 2001

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