Great Public Interest in Parade Through Geneva

Local people showed great interest in the Falun Gong parade on the 17th of March as it passed through the streets of Geneva, stopping to talk to the practitioners, to take leaflets and to watch the parade as its shining banners moved slowly along in the bright morning sunshine. One lady on a bicycle even joined in the parade, getting off to walk alongside a practitioner, talking with him as he explained about Falun Dafa and the persecution in China.

A tall young man walking in the leading section of the procession accepted a reporter's interview. He said he was from France. He received a phone call from a friend in Korea and decided to come to Geneva to participate in the parade. He didn't practise Falun Gong. He came to Geneva to show his support for his friend's belief.

Mike is a local resident who lives beside the lake. He brought his three-year-old son to watch the parade. He said that the parade was very important, because it let people see that many people are practising Falun Gong and the Chinese government should stop the persecution. Mike said, "I feel I am close to this group of people; I feel very familiar, and I want my child to see these peaceful people."

Before leaving he said, "If more people practised Falun Gong, this degenerating world would have peace."

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