Guards at Masanjia Forced Labour Camp Continue to Torture Falun Gong Practitioners

This article exposes some of the crimes committed by guards at Masanjia Forced Labour Camp against Falun Gong practitioners.

Guard Zhang Lili is the team leader of the Newcomer Team of the Third Division at Masanjia. The Third Division is located on the fourth floor of the camp building and is separated into East and West Gates. Criminals and some practitioners are held in cells at the West Gate, while steadfast practitioners that refuse to be transformed are held at the East Gate.

The windows in the East Gate cells are covered with curtains and the guards lock the gate at all times to prevent anyone from seeing the torture committed in that section. Practitioners held in the East Gate section are forbidden to leave that area and guards order criminals to deliver the food to practitioners. The criminals are not allowed to enter the area. The food tray is put under the iron gate. Normally the food is old steamed buns that contain sand, a salty radish strip, and some rotting mustard root.

The windows in the fourth East Gate cell are covered with paper and curtains, making it completely dark. Zhang Lili uses this cell to torture practitioners. The cell is smaller than 270 square feet and there are torture devices including a stretching bed, all kinds of cloth belts, handcuffs, and high-volume speakers. The walls and floor are covered with drawings that slander Falun Gong. There are also two characters, saying “transform,” [forcibly renounce Falun Gong] made out of neon lights which are about 28 inch in circumference. When the light is turned on, the characters keep changing colour and flash. The guards use the high-volume speaker to curse Falun Gong and force practitioners to be dressed in clothes that are covered with words slandering Falun Gong. Practitioners are forbidden to wear a coat in winter. During torture on the stretch bed, the guards force practitioners to wear earphones, turn up the volume and make them listen to curses against Falun Gong.

Guard Zhang Xiurong is the worst among all guards when torturing practitioners. She employes many different torture methods, including hanging, handcuffing, stretching, tying and beating. She once used a long cloth belt to tie practitioner Ms. Song Ailian. She kept smiling and pulling the belt tighter. She repeatedly said, “It's so much fun, so much fun.”

Guard Shi Haiyan was made a full-time employee at the end of November 2012. She is very brutal when dealing with practitioners. She force-feeds practitioners with food and water and doesn't allow them to use the toilet. Practitioner Ms. Wang Tan was force-fed and not allowed to go to the bathroom for 20 hours.

The guards tell practitioners' families that the practitioners don't want to see them to incite hatred toward Falun Gong in the hearts of the family members. Families are told, “People practising Falun Gong don't care about their family, their parents, or their children.”

We hope that practitioners' families won't be fooled by the guards' lies.

Female guards involved in persecution at Masanjia Forced Labour Camp:
Zhang Lei: ID 2108456
Zhang Huan: ID 2108455
Zhang Xiurong: ID 2108051
Zhang Lili: ID 2108694
Zhang Zhuohui: ID 2108469
Ren Hongzan: ID 2108451
Shi Haiyan: ID 2108474
Wang: ID 2108556
Qi Fuying: ID 2108454

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