After Years in Prisons and Labour Camps, Ms. Mo Huiping Is Once Again Arrested

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Mo Huiping from Yinchuan City in Ningxia Autonomous Region, as well as practitioner Ms. Luo Xinping, were arrested in Wuzhong City. After being detained for two weeks, on March 2nd, 2013 just when they were due to be released, Wuzhi City Domestic Security Division officers transferred them to a detention centre and continued to incarcerate them. We have learned that Ms. Mo Huiping (37 years old) was targeted by the authorities for further persecution. This is the third time she has been severely persecuted. Ms. Luo Xinping was forced to pay two thousand yuan1 before she was released.

Ms. Mo and Ms. Luo were both arrested on February 16th, 2013 by a group of police led by deputy head Wang Tao from Minsheng Police Station. After being detained, both practitioners' family members came to the detention centre to demand their release. The detention centre personnel lied and said, “They will be released after two weeks of imprisonment.”

They were due to be released on March 2 and their relatives once again came to fetch them. The labour camp personnel then said, “Mo Huiping and Luo Xinping were both transferred to Wuzhi City Detention Centre.” Their relatives went there to bring them home, but the detention centre personnel told them, “You need to ask about them at the Domestic Security Division.” In this way, these “law enforcement” departments pushed the responsibility to one another and refused to release the practitioners.

As the practitioners' relatives went from one department to another inquiring about their loved ones, they learned that the masterminds behind the whole thing were deputy head of the Litong District Police Department Zhao Bin and Ma Minglang, head of the Domestic Security Division.

It was learned that when Minsheng Police arrested and put Ms. Mo Huiping on trial, they physically assaulted her.

On the morning of February 17th, both practitioners were taken out of the detention centre for a short period of time. It's believed that a medical check up was done on them. They were on hunger strike after being taken to the detention centre. After being transferred to the detention centre, they continued their hunger strike, during which Ms. Mo was force-fed by the guards a few times. The guards held her down on the ground and force-fed her. In order to further humiliate her, they took photos of the whole incident and showed them to her. During their hunger strike, a female prisoner verbally abused Ms. Luo Xinping while slapping her. After Ms. Luo quietly stared at her, she stopped. It was learned that since March 1st, Ms. Mo was not given any water to drink.

The day that Ms. Mo and Ms. Luo were arrested, a few police officers from the Jinfeng District Domestic Security Division in Yinchuan City ransacked Ms. Luo’s house.

Mo Huiping has been persecuted several times

Ms. Mo Huiping started to practise Falun Gong in March 1999, and her health improved as a result. After the persecution started on July 20th, 1999, she was sent to a labour camp for three years and also imprisoned for three and a half years.

1. Incarcerated for three years in forced labour camp

In March 2001, a practitioner that Ms. Mo was familiar with was arrested and taken away. Officers from the Yingu Road Police Station waited near this practitioner’s house, but Ms. Mo was unaware of the situation. When she knocked on the door, police dragged her into the house and interrogated her. A few days later, she was taken to the Yinchuan City Detention Centre.

At the detention centre she was made to do slave labour. She was forced to take nylon string out of recycled tyres. The nylon string and rubber are then sent for recycling. She was not allowed to sleep if she did not finish the work. The nylon string was glued very tightly to the tires. She was not given any tools and she had to use her teeth and hands to pull it out with all her strength. All the prisoners bled and had injuries on their thumbs and second fingers as a result. At the end of each day Ms. Mo ached all over and was too sore to move at night.

During this period of time, officers from Yongning County Police Department took her to a room and pushed her to the ground. They used a thick rope to tie her arms together, then pulled her arms behind her back forcefully. Her shoulders and wrists felt as though they were going to break. A few police officers stomped on her and compelled her to admit to fabricated crimes.

During the three months at the detention centre, a group of people came with documents to sentence her to three years of imprisonment. When Ms. Mo refused to sign them, they took her away and sent her to Ningxia Women's Forced Labour Camp. During the time Ms. Mo was incarcerated, more than twenty other practitioners were also being held there. Each practitioner was assigned some inmates to watch them. These inmates watched them and reported on everything they did.

The practitioners were not allowed to do their exercises and they forbade the practitioners to talk to one another. The inmates followed them, even when they ate or when they went to the toilet. Everyone imprisoned at the forced labour camp had to memorize the prison rules within three days. Those who couldn't recite the prison rules were not allowed to sleep. Practitioners were made to do slave labour every day.

Every morning, all the practitioners were gathered into a room to watch videos and sing songs that defame Falun Gong. The guards also sought out the practitioners individually to “transform” [forcibly renounce Falun Gong] them. Those practitioners who refused to give up Falun Gong were persecuted.

2. Sentenced to three and a half years of imprisonment

After Ms. Mo Huiping was released from the labour camp, in order to support herself, she leased a car and ferried passengers for a fee. In June 2004, officers from Huinong County Police Department and Shizuishan City Domestic Security Division came to look for her classmate Ms. Wang. They made Ms. Wang tell Ms. Mo Huiping to come to Yinchuan Train Station to fetch her. When Ms. Mo came to the train station, she realized that something was wrong, and managed to escape. But this gang of police took note of her car registration number and tailed her. She was once again arrested at her residence and incarcerated at Huinong County Police Department in Shizuishan City. The car she leased was also impounded.

At the police department, Ms. Mo went on hunger strike to protest the persecution, but the officers used a method called “stewing the eagle” to torture her. One officer used a thick baton to assault and verbally abuse her. He stopped only when he was tired. Five days later she was detained at Shizuishan City No. 1 Detention Centre.

At the detention centre, Ms. Mo learned that before the police arrested her, they had incarcerated her brother and her classmate, Ms. Wang, for a day. The police had gone to Ms. Wang’s work unit to threaten her and force her to cooperate with them to lure Ms. Mo out. Her work unit threatened to fire her if she refused. To intimidate her, the police also videotaped her. Ms. Wang finally gave in to their threats and made the phone call to Ms. Mo against her will.

The police also came to Ms. Mo’s house to threaten her father and videotape him. They did all this to capture Ms. Mo. While she was detained, a guard came to interrogate and continually slap her. He also kicked her many times with his leather boots, giving her bruises on her legs. The officer played the video of her father telling her to answer all the questions that the police asked. He also played the video of Ms. Wang crying and telling her not to practise Falun Gong and to quickly admit to whatever Ms. Mo had done.

After being detained for more than two months, one day she was taken to Shizuishan City court. The judge, prosecutor and court administration officer, as well as her parents, were there. The lawyer appointed by the court made a few statements and in less than one hour, she was sentenced to three and a half years and transferred to Yinchuan Women's Prison.

At the prison, Falun Gong practitioners were closely monitored. Every practitioner was assigned two inmates to constantly watch them. These inmates even accompanied the practitioners when they used the toilet. The meal times were short and practitioners were verbally abused if they took too long to eat. They were only allowed to eat and sleep and were forbidden to talk about Falun Gong.

The prison made garments for prisons in Ningxia, the legal department, foreign trade enterprises and enterprises selling name brand clothing in Ningxia. The prisoners were used as free labor so that the prison made profits. Practitioners were made to work more than ten hours a day doing sewing. When they finished working late at night, they would ache all over. Inmates monitored the practitioners and made sure they did not talk. Before and after meals, practitioners had to line up and recite the prison rules and sing Chinese Communist Party (CCP) songs. Any practitioner who refused to sing would be berated by guard Ding Donghong. They did the roll call repeatedly. Anyone who did not follow would be punished. Every practitioner was forcefully given a short haircut.

The prison officials “talked” with Ms. Mo many times, attempting to transform her. They also asked her to write a “thought report” every day. If the practitioners refused to be transformed, their family members wouldn't get to see them. The practitioners were not allowed to make phone calls or write letters. The prison officials forbade practitioners from meeting with their family members, then spread rumors that practitioners did not care about their families.

After the persecution started, Ms. Mo’s brother-in-law and sister were arrested and detained because they practiced Falun Gong. They were forced to pay two thousand yuan. They were forced to sell their restaurant and incurred thousands of yuan in financial losses. Her aged parents were also extorted money. They were in financial difficulty because they also had to pay the living expenses of their imprisoned children. Ms. Mo’s parents lived in such constant fear that they could not sleep at night. In February 2009, six of Ms. Mo’s brother's friends and relatives were tailed by the Jinfeng District Police Department officers and residential committee personnel. They were arrested and detained until night time.

Persecution suffered by Ms. Luo Xinping

Ms. Luo Xinping, a retiree, was badly injured when she was arrested by officers from Yinchuan City Domestic Security Division, Xincheng Police Department and Xinchengdong Street Police Station in 2001. As a result of the mistreatment during the arrest, she had multiple fractures of her spine. She gradually recovered as she persisted in her practice of Falun Gong.

Ms. Luo was arrested and taken to Yinchuan Detention Centre by Xixia District Police Department officers. She was made to do more than 10 hours of forced labour every day. Her old injures started to torment her. Later she was sentenced to one year of forced labour.

Her husband, Wang Xiangchen, was fired by his work unit and sentenced to one year of imprisonment for practising Falun Gong.

Personnel who participated in the persecution:

Litong District Police Department, Wuzhi City : +86-953-2025866

Police head He Zhanzhong: +86-953-2021210 (Office), +86-13995139666

Head of Litong District Domestic Security Division Ma Minglang: +86-953-2011577

Minsheng Detention Centre: +86-953-2011577

Detention Center head Jin Yufeng: +86-13909559939

Deputy head Wang Tao: +86-13895132345 (Mobile)


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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