Stepping Out of Humanness and Helping Master to Rectify the Fa

For a long time, I've had a habit of hiding some of my inner feelings, especially those which are negative. I have now realized that this is, in fact, also a manifestation of CCP culture, a self-protective tactic born of selfishness. A great enlightened being is always able to calmly face heaven and earth. After enlightening on this point and with fellow practitioners' encouragement, I have written my first experience sharing article since I began cultivating 16 years ago.

Dealing with the Television Program that Slanders Dafa
Last year during the New York Fa conference, I learned from a fellow practitioner that Channel 4 in the UK broadcast a programme that slandered Falun Dafa. I was burning with impatience when I heard it and worried that more sentient beings would be poisoned.

Upon returning to the UK, I immediately bought DVDs, recorded the program, and distributed them to the large group, hoping that everyone would take immediate action to rectify the situation. I later became indignant and wanted to sue the person to stop him from spreading poison through the media.

One day, a voice awoke me, saying “Do you know that this happened because you did not cultivate well? This is one of the reasons that this thing appeared.”

I was shocked and unsettled. I said, “How could it be? I am just a small cultivator. How could so many people be sacrificed just to test me?”

The voice said, “To enable a Dafa disciple to succeed in cultivation, this is how it is. How can your attachments be exposed otherwise? Who told you to be so aggressive to eliminate your problems? This is to test you. We won't hesitate to harm so many people.”

I knew that this was the logic of the old forces talking, but I was very sad and caught up in grief that I had never before experienced. I suddenly had a new understanding of “cultivating myself well.”

I previously had been caught with a wrong understanding. I thought that because I was a veteran disciple, the main task now was to save sentient beings. In addition, I did not want to suffer, so whenever I encountered interference, I seriously eliminated it. I sometimes looked inward symbolically then indiscriminately eliminated everything. My thinking was that whatever is “against me will perish,” instead of deeply looking at myself and searching for my shortcomings.

From the Fa, I understand that cultivation has different meanings at different levels. I suddenly understood that it was very important to cultivate myself well. I also understood that “cultivating myself well” is no longer as simple as consummating. Cultivating myself well is the prerequisite to my being able to save sentient beings. Cultivating myself well is “satisfying” the old forces so that I will have chances to save sentient beings. Cultivating myself well is protecting sentient beings from suffering losses. Cultivating myself well is the magnificent act of validating Dafa. As always, cultivating myself well is no longer for myself.

Organizing The Art of Zhen, Shan, Ren International Exhibition
During the London Olympics, the athletes, coaches and minders from China lived in our city. We wanted to use this opportunity to clarify the truth about Dafa. We applied to the local libraries and museums to hold The Art of Zhen Shan Ren International Exhibition, but were turned down when they became aware of the contents.

I said during a sharing with local practitioners, “Master said there must be a way, just that it is very narrow and righteous. It is definitely because we did not do right, and thus did not walk that path well. Where did we go wrong?” I found my attachment to fighting, fighting with the evil Party, who put on a rival show. I also identified the attachment of showing off. "Look! We were able to find a venue in such a difficult situation!" These thoughts were all unkind and selfish, and not for the sake of the people's lives in this city.

After enlightening on this point the next day, I received a call telling me that a venue was available. The venue was a good five-star hotel and the price was very affordable.

We immediately printed leaflets and looked for guests. Just as we were preparing, the hotel suddenly told us that the roof was leaking and wanted us to cancel the exhibition.

I went back to the agency and they quickly found us another place. The location was very good, but I was hesitant because it is best to have six weeks of preparation time to organize an exhibition, but we now only had six days. Should we do it?

We understood that the old forces had increased the difficulty to try to destroy our will. It was not by chance that so many Chinese people came to our city. This precious opportunity is hard to come by. With firm righteous support from two practitioners, we decided to hold the exhibition.

The first day of the exhibition, many people found us through the Falun Gong leaflets. The exhibition was on display for two weeks, and more than 2400 people came. There were many touching moments. Sentient beings were deeply shocked. Some stayed in the hall for half a day and were in tears when they left. Many people returned, and brought their friends and families. Someone left a message, “I came here today and it pointed me in the right direction for my life.”

Through the exhibition, many people later came to our local practice sites.

Clarifying the Truth to the Municipal Government
When Master's article “To Choose” was published, I suddenly developed a strong idea to clarify the truth to the Western government.

A city councillor once told me that if a local person raises an important topic related to the city, he or she can speak at the city's General Assembly held once a month. We submitted our speech and asked to speak to the municipal government meeting.

The highest executive office of the municipal government replied. The letter said that after extensive research, they felt that we made a strong accusation unfair to an organization or individual (the CCP and Jiang Zemin).

In other words, although they had done a lot of research, they did not know the truth. I wrote and told them that this was not a personal allegation against the CCP head by only local practitioners, but that Jiang had already been charged in many countries.

I was very grateful to those front-line practitioners who participated in the lawsuits against Jiang. Their efforts paved the way for us to clarify the truth that day.

Due to clarifying the truth frequently to the members of parliament, my parliamentary representative sent a letter to all members in the Labour Party, and also distributed my speech to them when the municipal government did not make a decision. He said, “We need an urgent political decision on this tricky case. Obviously, the government officials fear affecting the current CCP Olympic team and the city's friendly relationship with China, so they are looking for excuses to delay. The speech mentioned torture and organ harvesting. These are all big issues. What should do?”

A member of the parliament replied. He said, “Why does Falun Gong insist on speaking at the municipal government when this is the last thing we need at this time--it could harm to our city.”

We wrote him a reply, “We applied in July. We did not deliberately rush for this timing. Besides, how is it that the truth will harm you? This will not cause you trouble. Allowing Falun Gong practitioners to speak will reflect well on our city and does not harm anyone. History will prove it.”

After we finally spoke that day, a white-haired old gentleman came over, shook my hand, and said, “I have been looking forward to your arrival.” He also took our materials. It turned out that he was the member of parliament who was afraid that our speech would offend the CCP and bring harm to our city.

Another parliament member wrote prior to the meeting, “I have always supported human rights, but I recommend that we wait until the CCP delegation team is gone for us to approve the speech by Falun Gong. This will be supporting human rights and will not offend the CCP.”

We replied, “From your letter, we see that the specter of communism still has an impact in Europe. Many people have given their thumbprints to support Falun Gong practitioners in China. These people are in China and are most afraid of the CCP, but they stood up, and they are no longer afraid. Here we are in a free, Western society. What are you afraid of?”

We exchanged several letters to disintegrate the incorrect factors in their thoughts. The municipal government then decided to approve a speech by the Falun Gong delegation and to have it presented during the Olympic Games in July.

The city's General Assembly is a city event. The mayor, nearly a hundred members of parliament, and dozens of senior government officials were present. They listened to us quietly. Several people rushed out of the hall and shook hands with practitioners, expressing their gratitude.

My own experience is that in the process of clarifying the truth, it is very important to talk to people face to face. My representative member of parliament suggested that we meet with the MPs who had opposing views, because he believed that as long as we met, we would be able to completely change their minds. I felt that this was a hint from Master. The presence of Dafa disciples carries enormous energy. Even if we did not speak when we met them, we could disintegrate the misconceptions. The old forces presented much interference, including in other dimensions. Thus, looking into their eyes at close range and sending forth righteous thoughts is also very effective. In addition, the sincere attitude of Dafa disciples transcends all obstacles to ordinary people being saved. Hence, we must go out and clarify the truth face-to-face with ordinary people.

Completely Changing Ordinary People's Notions
Master said in “Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles,”

“Back at that time, I wanted the transformation of the surface body to be in sync with the part that has been well-cultivated; I wanted to have the body be disassociated with the human state during cultivation; and I wanted to have the cultivating disciples use their own righteous thoughts to maintain a state that is just like that of human beings.”

Master also wrote,

“Humankind must fundamentally change its conventional thinking” (Lunyu)

I enlightened that during the final stage of cultivation, what Master wants is for Dafa disciples to completely step out of humanness, remove ordinary people's notions, and find our true selves. In fact, this is to break away from human thinking, step forward, and become “divine.” We have finally really become divine, including our appearance, and we are gradually breaking away from humanness to become gods with boundless radiance. Because matter and mind are one thing, this is a gradual process.

This is not a concept or a theory. This is true. It is a truly magnificent process.

Personally, I have a strong feeling. As we step out of humanness, ordinary people will soon know about us. We must take into account the impact of our actions on future generations. They will remember and these will become precious memories.

After enlightening on this point, I often used divine thoughts to maintain myself and tried not to have ordinary people's notions. When we use our pure nature to look at things, one can quickly see others' notions and attachments. However, when we are relaxed, we are unconsciously captured by ordinary people's notions. Actually, it is that stubborn “human” shell that took thousands of years to form that is at war with the “divine” side that is about to break through to the surface. Sometimes the divine side wins, sometimes the human side prevails.

When I screened “Free China” at a local club, I did not expect people to come in two groups. When screening the film the second time, I noticed my computer battery was running out. I immediately recognized the divine thought, “After a long wait, these viewers finally have a chance to learn the truth about Dafa. All elements and beings in this cosmos have waited for this precious opportunity.”

I found after a while that I was straining to send forth righteous thoughts so that the battery would last. I immediately realized that this was not right. Heaven and earth was created by just one thought by the Great Enlightened beings, so I did not need to strain to send forth righteous thoughts as though I was doing hard labor. Actually, it is good enough that a thought is there and I must firmly believe in my ability. Hence, I stopped looking at the power indicator and finished watching the film with the viewers. When everyone was discussing the plot afterwards, the battery went dead after completing its task.

I have many shortcomings and will not list them all here. These are my shallow, personal understandings. I hope everyone will kindly point out anything that is wrong. I hope that everyone can encourage each other and save more people as quickly as possible.

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