United States: Persistently Clarifying the Facts about Falun Dafa in Marquette, Michigan

Local practitioners have persistently clarified the facts about the persecution of Falun Dafa to residents and students in the city of Marquette, the home of the Northern Michigan University, for the past seven years. The spiritual practice has been forcefully suppressed by the communist regime in China since 1999.

Practitioners have held an annual Falun Dafa forum at the university since 2006, enabling new faculty and students to get to know what Falun Dafa is and learn about the brutal persecution taking place in China. There are about 9,000 students at the university. Many had never heard about Falun Dafa before attending the forum.

After learning about the peaceful spiritual practice and seeing the evidence of torture suffered by practitioners at the hands of the Chinese communist regime, a lot of students promised to spread the information on Facebook and Twitter so that the facts could be widely known by people around the world.

Introducing Falun Dafa on Campus

In April 2013, the university’s annual Skill Builders Workshop held events to enrich students’ knowledge in various fields. Practitioners introduced Falun Dafa to the students and faculty on April 12th. They also taught the five meditative exercises of the practice.

Faculty and students watch a Falun Dafa introductory video

Faculty and students learn the five Falun Dafa exercises

After the audience learned the basic facts about Falun Dafa, practitioners elaborated on the persecution and played a documentary video about the torture methods used on practitioners incarcerated in Chinese prisons and labor camps.

Hearing about the communist regime’s atrocious crime of organ harvesting from living Dafa practitioners was especially shocking for the audience. Many people had signed the December 2012 White House petition after reading informational posters on campus. The petition urged the US government to make a public stance against forced organ harvesting and the persecution.

Some people said they would pass the information through their social networks to expose the regime's crimes against humanity. Several members of the audience also invited practitioners to introduce Falun Dafa at their respective institutes, as well as to the local government.

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