Encounter with a Kind, Elderly Gentleman

When I go out to do my chores, I normally wear my badge with the words: SOS! Urgent Rescue FALUN GONG practitioners Persecuted in CHINA written on it. This particular occasion was no exception. I got on an underground train and sat opposite an elderly gentleman. He read the message on my badge and got off the train when it reached his stop.
Meanwhile, I went to the supermarket and did my shopping. On the way back, I was sitting on the train when, at one of the stops, the door opened and the elderly gentleman, who I had seen previously, entered my carriage and came and sat next to me. We greeted each other and he mentioned the message on the badge. I told him briefly about the situation and he nodded with sincere sympathy and encouraged the rescue efforts. We went on to have a nice conversation about his family, travel and different countries. When he left, he wished me good luck with the rescue efforts. I was very happy for him as he had shown goodness towards Falun Dafa and could distinguish between good and evil.

A UK practitioner

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