France Takes Action to Rescue French based Falun Gong Practitioners

The French Government, Media and People Take Action to Rescue Three France-based Falun Gong Practitioners Who Were Illegally Arrested in China

During the last two days, the French government, media and people have started to find out how three Falun Gong practitioners who had studied and lived in the French city of Grenoble for many years were illegally arrested and detained when they went back to China to visit relatives in July.

On August 27th, one of the biggest TV stations in the province of Isere (where the city of Grenoble is located) broadcasted interviews with French Falun Gong practitioners and exposed the violent persecution that Jiang Zemin and his followers have implemented against innocent Falun Gong practitioners in China. Two of the biggest newspapers in the province also published detailed reports on the arrest of Chi Jian, Sun Fenglong, and Chi Yifan.

After finding out what had happened, many friends, colleagues, and classmates of the three practitioners, as well as members of the French public have contacted the France Falun Dafa Association. Some of them expressed anger and dismay towards the persecution suffered by the three kind-hearted people whom they know so well, and vowed to rescue them from China no matter how much time and energy it takes to do so. Their righteousness was deeply moving. Some of them said that they had already heard about the brutal persecution of Falun Gong in China in the past, and wanted to lodge their strong protest against such cruelty.

Quite a few well-known and influential public figures were among those who have contacted the France Falun Dafa Association to express their support for Falun Gong over this matter. They are holding meetings and discussing ways to rescue the three practitioners.

The local government officials also stated that no matter what it takes, they will do their best to rescue the three practitioners who have lived and studied in Grenoble for so many years.

School is about to start in a few days for both Chi Jian and Chi Yifan. The principal, teachers and classmates of Chi Yifan, and the professors and colleagues of Chi Jian are anxiously awaiting their return to the classroom. The French governmental agency and many human rights organizations are working with the local practitioners and preparing to launch a campaign to bring the three practitioners safely back to France.

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