Radio Broadcast Document: “Emergency Rescue of German Falun Gong Practitioner Lin Wenrong”

News from Germany:A Chinese lady, who is currently studying in Germany, was detained by the local police station of Wuhan City when she went back to China to visit her parents for Chinese New Year 2003. According to our information, this Chinese student’s name is Lin Wenrong. She graduated from Wuhan Music College, and then went to Germany for further study in early 2002.

Ms. Lin arrived at her parents’ home on January 17 2003, and was scheduled to return to Germany in mid-February. However, she has not returned. According to the people who know her, Ms. Lin is a Falun Gong practitioner. Soon after she arrived at Wuhan, she was taken into custody by local police before Chinese New Year for no reason, and has been detained ever since. It is unclear where she is detained. Following Ms. Nancy Chen of Australia, and Dr. Charles Lee of America, Ms. Lin is the third overseas Falun Gong practitioner arrested in China this year. Under the diplomatic endeavours of the Australian government, Nancy was released unconditionally in early February.

Our information source reported that an internal document circulating in the Committee of Politics and Legislature of Wuhan City and the Chinese Public Security Bureau stated, “everyone in Wuhan City who has practised Falun Gong should be registered and asked to write a “Statement of Repentance”.” Those who do not deliver the statement will be sent to a brainwashing unit for forced reform. Wenrong’s friends in Germany have initiated an emergency rescue action. The German Minister of Foreign Affairs and related international human rights associations have been notified of her case.

According to reports from BBC news and Voice of America, a lawsuit was filed in the Federal District Court in the US by persecuted Falun Gong practitioners and their relatives against Jiang Zemin for committing genocide on the first day of Jiang’s visit to Chicago on October 22 2002. The lawyer representing the plaintiffs went to Jiang’s hotel in person, and passed the lawsuit statement to Jiang via his guards. International media has reported on this lawsuit. Under persistent enquiries from reporters, a spokesperson from the Chinese State Council […] finally admitted that the lawsuit had been received.

In addition to Jiang Zemin, there are 9 other Chinese officials accused by Falun Gong practitioners in other international courts. […] News that international courts have summoned Jiang Zemin and other Chinese officials is being blocked from entering China by the Chinese authorities.

With Jiang’s absence, the US Federal District Court held a hearing on January 13 of this year to take the plaintiff’s statement. The court is scheduled to resume on March 13.

According to our information, an international organisation named “World Organisation to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong” was established in the US on January 20 2003. The spokesperson for the organisation vowed, “to conduct a thorough investigation no matter how far or how long it will take.” After its establishment, the organisation has begun a systematic investigation of all sorts of crimes committed against Falun Gong. The scope of investigation covers organisations (including the “610” Office), news media and individuals directly or indirectly involved in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and their family members. The organisation has commented that they have investigators with a great sense of justice from various fields, such as media, law and academia. They will also look into the overseas properties held by those individuals who persecuted Falun Gong. The results will be publicised to society when available. In compliance with established practices, which have been applied to Nazi war criminals, the sources of the properties will be verified, frozen or confiscated for indemnification.

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