Righteous Actions Lead to Righteous Results

My mother and I have been practising Falun Dafa since 1996. On my first trip to Beijing to appeal for a stop to the persecution of Falun Dafa, I was arrested. At that time my mother and younger sister transferred all of Teacher's books and photos from my home to my younger sister's home and hid all of them. The second time, I was taken away by the police from my home. My mother asked my elder sister to hide all of Teacher's books and other Falun Gong literature at her home, but my elder sister was so badly frightened that she did not dare to take them. My mother instead delivered all the literature to my younger sister's home again, and she immediately received and hid the literature.

My younger sister and her husband were very happy to have a son when they were both over 40 years old. However when the child was one year old, several hospitals consistently gave the diagnosis that their son had congenital heart disease, and he would need an operation when he was around 3 years old. The hospitalisation expenses could cost from 50,000 to 90,000 Yuan [about US$5,900 to $10,000, which is over 10 years average income for an urban worker in China], which created huge psychological pressure on the couple. In October of 2002, when the child was 3 years old, the couple prepared the money and brought the child to a provincial hospital to have the operation to cure the disease. However, when the child was re-examined before the surgery, the doctor discovered that his heart disease had miraculously disappeared. The couple went to the hospital with tears, yet returned home happily.

My mother joyfully told my younger sister, "This was because you have helped your elder sister to protect the books of Falun Gong and you have accumulated a lot of virtue."

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.cc/mh/articles/2003/2/20/44879.html

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