For a Benevolent Girl ---- Yongjie

When I heard that Weiguo Xie’s fiancée, Yongjie Zhu, had been illegally arrested in China, I was very sad and anxious. When I read an article written by Weiguo which mentioned that, although Weiguo’s parents were against their decision to get married, Yongjie still waved him off with a smile when he boarded the airplane for Britain, my heart was touched, and I could not hold back my tears over her benevolence. When Weiguo’s mother was ill, Yongjie flew all the way from Beijing back to Xinjiang to take care of her. Her benevolence changed the mind of Weiguo’s mother, and this surprised even Weiguo himself. Such a good girl should not stay in a prison, not even for a minute! Whenever I think of this, I cannot calm my mind. Although I’ve never met her, I’ve come to regard her as a very good friend of mine.

When I went to work, my colleagues said “how are you?” I realised that, if I said “I’m fine”, I would feel uneasy at heart. Because, when I knew that Yongjie, a nice and kind girl, is being persecuted and deprived of her freedom just for her belief, and that her parents and fiancé are so worried about her, I couldn’t say I was fine. So I told them Yongjie’s story. Everyone was shocked. While I was telling the story, tears came to my eyes, and theirs. At that time, I realised that I had not regarded my fellow practitioners who had been persecuted in prisons or labour camps as my family.

I really hope that, one day, I can completely forget about myself and only live for others. That is the realm of an enlightened being.

I’m doing a part-time job, acting as a cleaner. Previously, I thought that, due to my social status, it would be hard for me to clarify the facts to other people. However, I was wrong. I realised that I had been worrying about things that were not important at all, such as status and identity. That showed that I was not pure enough. Now I understand that the cosmic characteristics, namely Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance, are ruling everything, and that nothing is more powerful than a pure and kind heart. I saw that my boss put his hand on his chest, his eyes became tearful. My story hadn’t come to an end when he exclaimed, “the Chinese government is really cruel!” I had to explain to him, “That’s just some of them.” I saw our young workshop manager listening attentively with righteousness in his face. When I asked him whether he would like to sign our petition, he not only signed himself, but told all workers in his workshop about this, all of whom subsequently signed it. I saw that workers whom I had not been familiar with asking me for petition forms, saying that they could get their parents and friends to sign…

How kind these British people are! They told me that they are very glad to do so.

I realised that, as a person who believes the cosmic characteristics are Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance, my heart had not been entirely righteous. Now I find that a truly pure and kind heart can change the world. Yongjie and all other Falun Gong practitioners who have been persecuted are not alone. Many many eyes are watching, many many hearts are with them, and there will be more and more…

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