• South China Morning Post: Falun Gong is peaceful

    "Recently, Vice-Premier Qian Qichen made public statements to [..] as soon as possible prohibit the activities of Falun Gong in Hong Kong."
  • Taipei Times: Taiwan isn't the same as Hong Kong (Excerpt)

    "Red alerts have started flashing over Hong Kong's judicial independence and respect for human rights."
  • AP: Falun Gong uses phone calls to inform people in Mainland China

  • U.K: Press Release: Mother and Baby Seek Justice

  • Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia: Media Around the Baltic Ocean Actively Reports on Falun Gong

  • VOA: China's crackdown has brought strong criticism from human rights groups and foreign governments

  • Dow Jones Story: Falun Gong Spokesman’s Comments on the “Video Overriding” in China [Excerpt]

  • AP: Iceland, Lithuania, the U.S.: China pushes fight against dissent abroad

  • Video: FGM TV

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  • UK: Falun Dafa at a Midlands Carnival

  • France: During a Visit of the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, French Practitioners Call on China to Immediately Stop the Persecution