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  • Sweden: MP Feels that Chinese Traditional Culture is very Broad and Profound

    The performance of The Chinese Spectacular in Sweden has obtained consistent high praise from all sectors of society. In order to show their respect of freedom of speech and the value of democracy, several Swedish officials and politicians have attended the performances and announced their support for the Chinese Spectacular.
  • Finland: Government Officials Express Congratulations for the Chinese Spectacular

    On March 30th and 31st, the Divine Performing Arts Company brought the Chinese Spectacular to the Tampere Conference Centre in the third largest city in Finland. Many MPs and Finnish people working in the arts expressed their excitement at having the chance to see such an unusual performance.
  • Bulgaria: First Bulgarian Fa Conference Held in Sofia

    Close to 20 practitioners attended the first Bulgarian Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference, which took place in the capital city Sofia on March 23rd, 2008. Bulgarian practitioners as well as practitioners from Austria, Holland, Spain, Greece, and the US attended. Some practitioners shared about the benefits they had received through practising Falun Dafa.
  • Germany: Audience Thrilled by the Chinese Spectacular in Berlin

    Mr Huhn, a consultant, went to see the show on recommendation of his friends, "They told me that it was my turn. This is my first time seeing this show and I truly loved the show. I would have loved to listen to the drums for another 15 minutes." The children of another audience member gave him tickets to the show. They invited him to come along, "I have no connection with China. I know nothing about the Chinese traditional culture. But, I can believe that this traditional cultural show can't be shown in China.
  • Germany: More Audience Members Share Their Impressions of the Chinese Spectacular

    On March 15th, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts gave a performance of the Chinese Spectacular at Berlin's International Congress Centre (ICC). Mr. Heinz Gödtke, social lecturer, came to see the show with his wife Inge Gödtke. Both were highly impressed with the show and said, "We truly loved the show. It was all very appealing, including the music, the songs and the texts that were shown on the back drops. They expended a lot of effort on this show."
  • Sweden: Movie Producer Greatly Impressed by Divine Performing Arts Show

    After watching the Divine Performing Arts' global tour show in Stockholm, Switzerland, movie producer and fashion photographer Mr. Valentino commented on the show from a professional perspective, "The entire show was very professional, seamless. I had a lot of artistic inspiration from this show. This is just amazing!" Mr. Valentino was absolutely amazed by the backdrop. He said, "This is really surprising. In the 'Loyalty of Yue Fei' when the backdrop showed fire on the mountains. Wow! How did they do that?"
  • Sweden: "Culture and Art Should Not Be Suppressed by the CCP"

    Swedish Member of Parliament and member of the foreign relations committee Cecilia Wigstrom attended the third show of the Chinese Spectacular on March 25th, 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden. She said that such a great show should not be suppressed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). She said she appreciated every aspect of the show.
  • Sweden: Musician from Stockholm: "Magnificent!" "Perfect!"

    The Divine Performing Arts (DPA)Touring Company presented the second show of the Chinese Spectacular on March 24, 2008, in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Organist Mrs. Corinne Robert and her husband, Mr. Michael Robert, were very animated during the intermission and pleased to share their impressions of the show.
  • Sweden: "The Show Was Incomparably Splendid"

    The Divine Performing Arts (DPA) created an unprecedented sensation in Sweden. The theater was filled to capacity for each show. The Swedish audience, known for being reserved and shy, expressed their appreciation for the DPA with deafening applause. VIPs and celebrities who saw the show on March 26th shared their impressions.
  • United Kingdom: Practitioners in the UK Protest Against the CCP's Intensified Persecution of Falun Gong in the Name of the Olympics

    On March 22nd, UK practitioners held a press conference at the Chinese Embassy in London to protest against the CCP)s recent intensification of the persecution of Falun Gong in the name of the Olympics.
  • Ireland: Practitioners Protest against New Crimes Committed by the Chinese Communist Party

    On March 25th, 2008, Falun Gong practitioners held a press conference at the Chinese Embassy in Ireland protesting against arrests of large numbers of Falun Gong practitioners on China on the eve of the Olympic Games. The practitioners called on the international community to be concerned about human rights in China, and to put pressure on the CCP to release all illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners in China.
  • Germany: "The show is as splendid as fireworks"

    Between the 14th and 16th of March, the Gala Spectacular held four shows in the International Conference Centre Berlin, bringing traditional Chinese culture to Germany. The warm atmosphere inside the theatre formed a contrast with the cold breeze outside. Each performance in each show was applauded and every time when it came to the end of the show, the audience would applaud for a long time and the curtain of the stage had to be open again and again. On 14th March, after the first show, some members of the audience gave their impressions of the Spectacular.
  • Sweden: Theatre Packed for the Second Show of the Chinese Spectacular

    The second show of the Chinese Spectacular in Sweden was held at Cirkus Theatre on March 24. The theatre was packed, and warm applause for the artists erupted frequently. One audience said of the hosts of the show, "They are humorous. The American host can speak perfect Chinese, and the Chinese woman spoke fluent Swedish. It was amazing".
  • Sweden: Eminent Swedish Surgeon and his Wife Praise the Gala Spectacular in Stockholm

    Famous Swedish surgeon Goran Mardh and his wife Karin were full of praise for the performers of the show. Dr. Mardh happily claimed, “This performance really moves the hearts of people, I like it very much. I have seen Chinese performances in mainland China and Taiwan before, but tonight’s performance is the best one I have seen yet.
  • Sweden: Swedish Congresswoman finds Performances very Impressive

    Ms. Helena Bargholtz, a Swedish congresswoman, saw the second show of the Chinese Spectacular with her husband on March 24th. She told reporter that she thought the show was amazing and wonderful. She said she could not understand why the Chinese government has tried to interfere with it. "All the programs were excellent, including the dances and music", she said. "They were very impressive. The show manifested the beauty of Chinese culture".