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  • Sweden: Theatre Packed for the Second Show of the Chinese Spectacular

    The second show of the Chinese Spectacular in Sweden was held at Cirkus Theatre on March 24. The theatre was packed, and warm applause for the artists erupted frequently. One audience said of the hosts of the show, "They are humorous. The American host can speak perfect Chinese, and the Chinese woman spoke fluent Swedish. It was amazing".
  • Sweden: Eminent Swedish Surgeon and his Wife Praise the Gala Spectacular in Stockholm

    Famous Swedish surgeon Goran Mardh and his wife Karin were full of praise for the performers of the show. Dr. Mardh happily claimed, “This performance really moves the hearts of people, I like it very much. I have seen Chinese performances in mainland China and Taiwan before, but tonight’s performance is the best one I have seen yet.
  • Sweden: Swedish Congresswoman finds Performances very Impressive

    Ms. Helena Bargholtz, a Swedish congresswoman, saw the second show of the Chinese Spectacular with her husband on March 24th. She told reporter that she thought the show was amazing and wonderful. She said she could not understand why the Chinese government has tried to interfere with it. "All the programs were excellent, including the dances and music", she said. "They were very impressive. The show manifested the beauty of Chinese culture".
  • Sweden: Opera Singer: "It Displayed a Wonderful Kingdom"

    On March 20th, 2008, the first Chinese Spectacular show in Northern Europe was presented by Divine Performing Arts. Applause from the audience was heard from the beginning to the end. Even after the curtain was drawn, the audience continued applauding. The performers came out for several curtain calls, but the audience was still reluctant to leave.
  • Sweden: Artists in Stockholm Praise the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular

    On March 20th, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular debuted at Cirkus Theatre in Stockholm. The audience warmly welcomed the show, and many local artists expressed high praise for the show. Ennart Asd, an artist, his wife Serpil Inanc and their friend enjoyed the show. Serpil Inanc was excited about the Spectacular. She said, "Every performance was great ...The show inspired me to read more about Chinese culture."
  • Slovakia: VIPs Express Appreciation for the Chinese Spectacular

    The performance of the Chinese Spectacular in Slovakia took place on March 9th, 2008, in Bratislava. The newly built Slovak National Theatre was sold out; the organisers even wished it had bigger capacity than the 900 people it held. Peter Osusky, a medical doctor and Vice-Rector of Comenius University in Bratislava, said that although he had seen Chinese paintings and calligraphy in museums, he had never seen a show such as the Spectacular.
  • Germany: Chinese Spectacular Show in Berlin "A Kaleidoscope of Colours"

    A law student loved the entire show and said excitedly, "The costumes were wonderful to behold! The gracefulness of the dancers was terrific! The entire show was like a kaleidoscope of colours, filled with optimism, strength, full of energy and love of life; as well one could feel the fighting spirit and positiveness." She said about the scene depicting Falun Gong, The Rising Lotus Flower, she said, "One had goose bumps all over ones back."
  • Sweden: The Chinese Spectacular Begins a Swedish Tour

    The Chinese Communist Regime has used all means to prevent the Chinese Spectacular's global tour. When the Chinese Embassy in Sweden tried to stop people coming to watch the first round of performances in Sweden two months ago, it aroused public condemnation as well as, ironically, widespread interest in the show. This time, many people interested in Chinese issues were in the audience.
  • Sweden: Spectacular Audience Moved by Profound Messages

    After presenting 29 performances in nine European countries, the Divine Performing Arts Company (DPA) gave its first show in Stockholm, Sweden on March 20th. The audience included people from all walks of life. Many expressed their indignation at the Chinese Communist Party's interference with the show and its persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.
  • Germany: "This show can help people distinguish between good and evil"

    On the afternoon of March 16th, 2008, despite the rain, people came to see the final show of the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) at the Berlin International Congress Center. A parliamentarian said, "The main theme is very clear. This show can help people distinguish between good and evil. It is very unique and touching."
  • Germany: Members of the Audience Express their Views after Attending the Gala Spectacular in Berlin

    A former x-ray technician assistant loved the gracefulness displayed by the male and female dancers, "I loved the male and female dancers very much. Besides, I also was quite impressed with the drummers in The Drummers of the Tang Court scene, as they were very powerful." Ms. Gabriela Morales-Nunez, a nurse, said, "It was a show where one wants to stay and not leave. I really liked the Victory Drums. The dances also caught my eye, especially as to the impression of effortlessness by the dancers".
  • Ireland: Falun Gong Practitioners Take Part in the National St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Cashel

    On March 15th, 2008, the National St. Patrick’s Day Parade was held in Cashel Town in County Tipperary which is located in the south of Ireland. Falun Gong practitioners were made very welcome at the activity. Although it was drizzling on and off, the happy atmosphere of the festival wasn’t affected. Up to 1000 people in colourful clothes watched the parade holding their umbrellas up against the rain.
  • Belgium: Enthusiastic Reception for the Chinese Spectacular

    After watching the Divine Performing Arts, Mieke Bouve, one of the most famous actresses in Belgium said, "I had been looking forward to seeing the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular, for I have been attracted to everything about China. I know that I will go there one day and that’s why I came here. There is a huge difference between the China ruled by the CCP and a free China. Divine Performing Arts presents the original Chinese traditional culture, which is very different from what I’ve known about China.” While talking about her feelings about the shows, Mieke Bouve was very excited. She said, “It’s really beyond words to describe the show".
  • Slovakia: Divine Performing Arts Enjoys Great Success at First Stop on Tour of Post-Communist Countries

    At the premiere of the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular at Bratislava's Slovak National Theater on the evening of Sunday March 9th, the audience honoured the performers with an enthusiastic standing ovation. Slovakia was the first stop on Divine Performing Arts' tour of post-communist countries, and it was a complete success.
  • Slovakia: Three Curtain Calls and Standing Ovation for Divine Performing Arts in Slovakia

    After departing from Vienna, the Divine Performing Arts stopped for one performance in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. A few hours before the show, all of the dancers, singers and musicians were working hard in preparation. Nonetheless, the atmosphere in the Slovak National Theater was calm and unbelievably harmonious.