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  • Enlightening Through Sickness Karma

    I realized that on some level, I was thinking, "If I practice Dafa, I'll never get sick and always have a light, healthy body; I'll get into all the schools I want; everywhere I go people will like me because I'm such a good person; and I'll stay young and beautiful forever and ever!" How far is that from the standard of a cultivator? Good things come from practicing Dafa, but they're not for the purpose of living well among everyday people. They're for cultivation practice. They're for aiding Master in Fa-Rectification.
  • New Practitioner: Dafa Brings Good Fortune to My Home

    Through my mother's efforts, my father was also willing to practice Falun Gong. My mother-in-law taught him the movements, and my father read Zhuan Falun with us. My father had suffered from pain in his hip joints. Even on a very soft, thick mattress, he often woke up because of the pain. After practicing Falun Gong, the pain disappeared. Also, he was seriously addicted to drinking alcohol before, yet he gave it up for good after practicing Falun Gong.
  • Children Are a Mirror of Our Cultivation

    A few days ago, my son was home alone when there was a blackout. When we got home, he was very excited to tell us that Teacher gave him a test by having him be alone in a dark room. He said that he was not scared because he had Teacher in his mind. Having faith in Teacher had firmly rooted in his mind.
  • Recalling My Cultivation Path

    After a few days, the two uncles told my father-in-law in tears, "You are so lucky to have such a good daughter-in-law." I told them with a smile that this was because I was a practitioner, and cultivated Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and that practitioners treat everyone well because we are compassionate.
  • Young Practitioner: A Brief Recounting of My Cultivation Experiences

    I realized that, as a practitioner, I needed to be able to endure, tolerate, and to have self-control and self-restraint. Otherwise, how could I be more compassionate, or elevate myself? I needed to look inward and be tolerant of others. If I always treated others with a kind heart, was considerate of others, and if I had a pure and selfless mind, would I still have fights like these?
  • My Experiences Clarifying the Truth

    This employee came to work early and stayed late and never cared about self-interest. The boss was very satisfied with her and told the person in charge of hiring at the factory, "Please keep an eye out for me. I want to hire whoever practices Falun Gong, and that person won't be underpaid."
  • Follow Teacher to Save Sentient Beings

    On July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started its persecution of Falun Dafa. That night, someone from the local police station took away Teacher's photo and Zhuan Falun from my home. I was very sad, since Falun Dafa is the most precious thing in my life. I deeply regretted that I was not able to protect Teacher's photo and Zhuan Falun. I did the fifth exercise with tears in my eyes.
  • Using Personal Experiences to Clarify the Truth

    After listening to my experiences, they sat down. I told them that through practicing Falun Gong, I no longer needed the crutches, and that I had completely recovered. They all expressed sympathy, and were impressed by the miracle of Dafa. Before they left, the director said, "If you think it is good, you can practice at home. We will not watch over you all day long." They had come to arrest me, but the result was that I had the opportunity to clarify the truth. With Teacher's compassionate protection, I clarified truth with wisdom.
  • Striving Unceasingly to Be a Qualified Disciple

    In telling the facts face-to-face, I bumped into all kinds of persons. Some were easy to persuade, and some were not. Some said "thank you" while others said dirty words. I encountered many different situations. During this process, I got rid of many human thoughts, such as thoughts of competition, delight, vanity, fear, and more. Each time I returned home, I summarized my experience to see where I needed improvement and how many hearts were saved.
  • Doing the Three Things Well

    After studying the Fa, I identified many long-term problems that had magnified. I had not studied the Fa with my full heart--I had studied with attachments. Second, I was primarily after personal gain and held the Fa in a secondary position. Third, I neglected to send righteous thoughts on time, to eliminate all evil elements. This incident taught me a huge lesson.
  • The Statue of Liberty

    Some people from China asked, "If there is money to be made and a reputation to enjoy, why don't you go for that? Instead you endure so many hardships all day like this, and for what, after all?" Though overseas practitioners live in a free world, we have the same Teacher, Dafa and historic mission as Falun Gong practitioners in China. Then what we are doing this for? The answer is to cultivate to become selfless, altruistic and righteous enlightened beings as Teacher requested. In other words, we do things not for ourselves but for others; we do things not for the surface meaning of life but for the true life.
  • Only When We Truly Cultivate Can We Know How to Cultivate

    When we cannot find our attachment but all of sudden get a hint when studying the Fa with a calm mind, the attachment being hinted is the one; when we are keen to point out and fix others' attachments or argue with others, the thing that stirred our heart is our attachment; when we see two people arguing, the obvious attachment they exhibit is a reminder of our attachment; when a practitioner points out an attachment of ours and we feel uncomfortable, annoyed, or even feel a need to explain, then that is our attachment.
  • Following Master's Words and Saving More People

    My goal was to save the guards and officials. The common question they had for me was "You are old and should be wise. The government told you to stop practicing Falun Gong. Why didn't you?" Calmly I explained to them how many benefits I had obtained from practicing Falun Gong. Later I told them, "There is nothing wrong with the practice. I have to defend the practice and merely want a legal environment for it." They were speechless and silently agreed with me.
  • A New Life

    With more Fa-study, the Fa theories became more and more clear to me and gradually I stopped worrying about being persecuted for making truth-clarification materials. Then the images on the DVDs then became very clear. When I saw that the DVDs I made were delivered to many households by practitioners, I had mixed feelings. I felt that without Teacher's care, there was no way we could make such delicate DVDs.
  • A Story of Buying Shoes

    As I look back, when I said to the lady beside me, “What else can you do with 20 yuan?,” it showed my attachment of showing-off and implying that I was well off. When I said, “You can easily lose this amount of money playing mahjong,” That was something I said casually because actually, I had not played mahjong since I began cultivation. From this sentence, one could see my bad thoughts. Had I been able to recognize and let go of my attachment, the things that happened afterwards would have been different.