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  • Improving Xinxing While Rescuing Practitioners

    I began practising Falun Dafa in 1996. I served as the local assistant responsible for coordinating projects after the persecution began on July 20, 1999. At the beginning of this year a practitioner who ran a materials site was persecuted. It was subsequently shut down. I looked within as soon as I heard this.
  • Emerging Out of the Old Forces' Trap

    I suddenly understood, I did not study the Fa well, only paid attention to the format and quantity, but did not study with my heart. I did not have a clear understanding of the Fa principles, and fell into the traps planted by the old forces.
  • Predestined beings are waiting to be saved

    I have been making calls on the global RTC platform for more than a year. Through this period of time, many attachments were unknowingly let go. For example, the depression after being scolded; the frustration after the phone was hung up; the competitiveness caused by tedious arguments; the sense of failure when the other party refused to quit the CCP, etc.
  • “I Want to Be Like You, a Good Person”

    In autumn 1997, I read the book Zhuan Falun and my heart was uplifted. A month after I began practising, I was illness-free. I could not believe it after spending so much money on doctors. I was so joyous and relaxed, like I was floating on air. Falun Dafa and Teacher are magnificent. My husband began to practise after seeing my improvement.
  • Letting Go of the Attachments of Greed and Desire

    I was under the impression that I had been successful in letting go of my attachments to fame and money in my cultivation. I realized that, in reality, I had not. Many attachments remain hidden, and through my diligence in cultivation, will surface. Recently, I read Master's new lecture, “20th Anniversary Fa Teaching,” and came to realize that I still hold the attachment of greed.
  • Wonders of Falun Dafa Experienced in My Life

    Before practising Falun Dafa, I had stomach pain, enteritis, and other health problems. I suffered with tremendous pain and it seemed that life was not worth living. From time to time, the stomach pain was unbearable even though I didn't eat vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, or Chinese cabbage. The stomach pain was so severe that at times I had to be hospitalized.
  • My Experiences Moving from China to England

    Standing in the street, facing those indifferent people, I seemed to see the old me. I felt deeply sorry for their misunderstanding. When sentient beings coldly refused me from the corners of their eyes, I felt for those Dafa disciples who saved me. Their hearts were filled with compassion.
  • My Two Years Overseas

    When I first arrived here from abroad, comparing here and China I felt the cultivation environment was much more relaxed. I always reminded myself to treasure it and seize the moment to do well the three things that Master requires of us. Very soon I participated in some projects, such as the peaceful protest in front of the embassy, Hongfa, etc.
  • The Appearance Stems from the Mind, the Environment Changes with One's Heart

    Teacher has taught us "the appearance stems from the mind" (“Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting”). For a long time, I couldn't enlighten to the meaning of this phrase. Through continuous Fa-study as well as continuous observation and analysis of the cultivation experience by my fellow practitioners and myself, I came to understand its profound Fa principles.
  • Not Asking for Compensation When Injured in Two Traffic Accidents

    Before I obtained the Fa one year ago, I had various ailments such as frozen shoulders, arthritis, and lower back and stomach pains. Sometimes, I was unable to move due to the excruciating pain, and my wife had to take care of me. She is also a practitioner and introduced me to Falun Gong.
  • Finding Genuine Contentment Practising Falun Dafa

    Yali, 28, is an elementary school teacher. In 2007, she participated in a Falun Dafa workshop for teachers arranged by the Department of Education of Hsinchu County. There she was given the greatest treasure a human can ever receive: She completely changed her view of life. Filled with gratitude, she says, “Practising Falun Dafa allowed me to walk on the genuine path to contentment.”
  • Obtaining the Fa through Master’s Arrangement

    I started watching the second Lecture and felt my Tiamu (third eye) opening; the exact moment Master asked the audience if they feel it! I asked myself “how can a video done in 1994 have such a powerful physical effect on me?” From then on I absorbed the Fa every day for hours, over and over again for over 1 month. I couldn’t stop thinking about it before work, during work and after work.
  • Chronic Hunched Back Cured

    Practitioner A was very happy and knew deep inside her heart that it was our magnificent and merciful Master that healed her so as to encourage her to be more and more diligent and do well what a Dafa practitioner should do. All of the practitioners who were there witnessed the greatness and mercy of Master and the power of Dafa.
  • Finding My True Self

    At that time, I often asked myself: “Why are human beings born into this world? What is the purpose of life?” One day, I suddenly remembered about Falun Dafa. I had several sisters who had begun cultivating in Dafa. To give it a try, I began to read Essentials for Further Advancement, which was the first Dafa book that I was exposed to. I liked it so much that I finished it in one day.
  • My cultivation experiences

    Over the past six months, I have been reading articles from the Chinese online experience sharing conference by Mainland Chinese practitioners, each one of which has helped me with issues that I was working through or connected with when I read the article. Some of the practitioners had not written before, some had not got involved for a long time because they felt they did not have anything worth sharing.