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  • Have Compassion toward Persecuted Fellow Practitioners

    We must have confidence in and patience for our fellow practitioners. Don't give up if you bump into a wall a couple of times, we have to give fellow practitioners the chance to come back. Wounds need time to heal, of course it is better if the recovery time is sooner rather than later.
  • Practitioners Must Not Indulge in Comfort

    Although we had not frequently kept in contact, I could sense that he was not having any breakthroughs in his cultivation. So, his tribulations were not surprising. My understanding is that if my own cultivation state is not good, I will have much unexpected trouble in my daily life.
  • Be an Open and Noble Falun Dafa Practitioner

    In my daily life, I send forth righteous thoughts whenever I have time, such as on my way to work, in a car or plane, or when waiting for customers. Still, once in a while, the police do follow me, so I'm cautious and take all the security measures that I can. I act openly and nobly as a practitioner, and I am not afraid of threats from the police.