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  • Seven Years at My Materials Production Site

    At first, when I made the materials, I didn't tell my husband and children. After they left for work in the daytime, I took out the printer and started to make the materials. I would put everything away before they returned home. As time went by, I felt that it wasn't good to hide this from my husband, so I found a chance to tell him about it.
  • Shattering All Arrangements of the Brainwashing Center

  • Over Fifteen Years of Cultivation and Tribulations, I Have Felt Master's Grace at Every Step

    A few days later, they held a meeting and asked the inmates to elect one trustworthy person to monitor food quality and quantity. Everyone voted for "Falun Gong" (my nickname). The guard hosting the meeting said it couldn't be me. Anyone else would be OK. The inmates were upset and said, "There is no one but 'Falun Gong.'
  • Some Understandings about Cultivation of Speech

    When we see problems in others' cultivation, we should point it out directly to them. If they do not accept or understand our reminder, we still should not talk about their problems with others. Otherwise, we will add more bad elements in other dimensions, which creates gaps between us.
  • Advancing Together Through Small Group Fa Study

    Our understanding while cultivating in Dafa, is that the Great Way has no form, and Dafa disciples are a solid body. His things are my things, my things are his things, and we shouldn't differentiate. Our Fa study group has this understanding, and does things this way.
  • Finding Freedom in Cultivation

    A person that's afraid of getting hurt won't be truthful. We need to take everything as a test for ourselves. The first step is to tolerate it. The second step is to resolve the complaints in our hearts while we continue to be truthful and sincere.
  • On the Path of Validating Dafa

    They said: "Whoever says that Falun Gong is not good can go home with the staff from their work unit. For those who decide to continue the practice, we will continue to detain them." I stood up immediately and said: "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa. People become healthy and kind after practicing it. Why do you want us to give it up?" They were dumbfounded and could not say anything.
  • Being a Good Person According to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance

    I told my friend that as a practitioner, I only wished to be a good person, and spoke to him about the Fa principles of loss and gain. He was moved by my integrity and said, "Wow, there are still some good people like you in the world!" I knew that I had conducted myself as a practitioner, and afterward my whole body felt very comfortable.
  • Surviving a Five-Day Police Siege Unscathed

    During the five days of the police siege, I sent a short notice to the Minghui website. Fellow practitioners sent forth righteous toward my location, and I also sent forth righteous thoughts frequently. I made good use of the time by studying the Fa and looking inward for my attachments.
  • The Things Gained from Fighting Are All "Mud"

    Sometimes, because I think I am right about something, I start to argue with my family. In that instance, I was wrong. Regardless of the amount of money, regardless of what the final outcome is, as a cultivator, this would have been wrong. Arguing, itself, was already inconsistent with cultivation; furthermore, what I would have won from fighting would only be "mud!"
  • Smiling in the Human World

    When calming down, we may ask ourselves: why do we have to handle these difficulties in this way? A friend of mine once said that everything occurs with a predestined relationship behind it. This is indeed the truth.
  • Antelopes Crossing a River

    Suddenly, a young antelope jumped out from the herd and said: “I want to swim by myself; I will get ahead of everyone.” As soon as it left the herd, it was caught and eaten by an alligator that had been hiding under the water for a long time waiting for such an opportunity. The antelope herd continued to swim forward and got closer to the other side of the river.
  • Smiling in the Human World

    Only after paying off the debts owed throughout the reincarnation process could one return to their original home, a much better place. From this perspective, it is not necessarily a bad thing for one to suffer and encounter undesirable incidents in life.When experiencing something negative, if we can look within and treat it as an opportunity to get rid of shortcomings, then we will become more and more mature. Then that incident will not have happened in vain.
  • Remove the Competitive Mentality and Eliminate the Separations Between Us

    I have witnessed separations form between fellow practitioners due to their attachments to "self." The separations have brought some things to a halt and have affected the coordination of our efforts in validating Dafa. I have also experienced such situations myself
  • Human Notions Behind Explaining Oneself

    Thinking about these words from Master, I suddenly had new understandings. Was I able to do well when other practitioners misunderstood me? Was I able to remain undisturbed? Was I using human notions to judge others and require things of others? Didn’t the fact that I felt the need to explain myself to Practitioner B mean I was moved?