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  • Experiences Clarifying the Truth With Small-Town Media

    Each local newspaper may have only a circulation of a few thousand, or tens of thousands, but local residents trust these news sources because they relate directly to their own local situations. These people may ignore international news in big newspapers, but they read local news carefully, because it's close to them. Once, after a report about our workshop was published together with the next class schedule, about 50 people came to the second workshop.
  • Expose the Evil People

    Whenever a Dafa disciple in Mainland China is persecuted to death at a forced labour camp, brainwashing class, etc, we, all of the other Dafa disciples, will quickly expose those evil people who directly plotted and gave orders for the persecution, as well as those who directly participated in the persecution. We will document and publish to the world the personal information such as names, gender, age, job title, workplace, etc, of the evil people who have committed these crimes.
  • Respecting Master

    Do the things we do in everyday society reflect our respect? When people see and talk to us we are truly a reflection of our Master and not only of our own levels. When we are careless of action and deeds then isn’t that disrespect? The way we dress, talk, and communicate...To slow down and calm our minds, show compassion in the worst situations and check our xinxing [heart nature]--would then be not only respectful of others but also showing respect to our Master.
  • Being More Efficient and Effective

    When I spent lots of time studying the Fa and practising the exercises, I accomplished more work with efficiency. I required less sleep because my thoughts were more steadfast, persistent and powerful. When I postponed studying the Fa and practising, placing them as my second priority due to lots of Dafa work, I just sat there killing time, feeling weak and depressed. I could not do my work well and wasted lots of time.
  • Ukraine: Dafa Practitioner’s Article Published on the President’s Website

    'The illegal suppression and brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China has lasted for over three years. Many people have very wrong understandings about Falun Gong. They try to prove the oppression is right in certain ways, and all of those incorrect notions arise from someone’s personal desires, evil thoughts and aspirations. People even know that what they have done is wrong. Nevertheless, they still do it unscrupulously.'
  • “It is The Arrangement of Heaven”

    Before I finished talking, he shouted, “Book! I want a copy of the book. Can you find me a book? I cannot find it anywhere.” I was pleasantly surprised by his exclamation. I sensed the excitement in my heart. Then he said, “I enquired about the books of Falun Gong in a Chinese bookshop. The lady there opposed my idea. I told her what Falun Gong was all about and Falun Gong was good.”
  • I feel Honoured to be in the Fa’s Light

    Although the festival grounds were situated in the city centre, it was in a relatively quiet street. At first I did not have too high hopes, intending to give out as many flyers as there were pedestrians. However unexpectedly, the usually quiet street was bustling with people today. Very soon, I ran out of flyers and had to rush to a nearby shop to make photocopies.
  • Spreading the Fa in Iran (Fa-conference in Geneva 2003)

    Something strange happened that evening, it was a very hot summer and all of the windows were open. After finishing the exercises the weather got windy and it started to rain. I saw people speaking quietly with each other and I asked what was going on. One of them told me that Tehran had not had any rain for several months and the rain was a good sign and they thought Falun Gong had to be a good method, because the heavens had sent them the rain.
  • Emphasis on Concurrently Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Worldwide

    For the past few days, I felt it more and more likely that the problem actually resided in myself - that I had not started to do it myself. I tried to do a calculation, based on what I had done in sending righteous thoughts 3 out of 4 times a day. If there exist 100 million practitioners worldwide like me, what is the possibility of practitioners as a whole sending forth righteous thoughts all at the same time? The answer is almost zero.
  • A Short Story Illustrating the Power of Righteous Thoughts

    The corrupt authorities hired people to monitor a female Falun Dafa practitioner, who was over 50 years old, on so-called "sensitive" days. Despite this, she continued to put up posters everywhere. Finally, one night, the pair that followed her moved a bed up against the only exit from her home. After the monitors fell sleep, the practitioner opened the door, moved the bed aside, and pushed it back after she left.
  • A Third Grader: I Am Starting to Clarify the Truth, Too

    In the principals office, Ms Zhang asked us, "Do you practise Falun Gong?" We said, "Yes." She mentioned the self-immolation incident, so I explained the facts to her. I told her, "We don't set ourselves on fire. Nothing in Zhuan Falun indicates that we should kill ourselves. The report on the self-immolation was false." Then the other practitioner talked to her more about Falun Gong. When the bell rang, Ms. Zhang said to us, "You can go back to your classroom now."
  • My Path of Fa-Rectification (Fa-conference in Geneva ,2003)

    Master Li’s insight and the power of the Fa penetrated beyond the depths of my depression and despair. As Master talked about dimensions and other phenomena, I instantly accepted it, and found it fascinating. This time there was no doubt in my mind that “The Buddha Fa is most profound”! I felt better than I had done in years, and this was only in the space of a couple of hours.
  • My New Understanding of Why we Appeal in Front of the UN

    Then if we don’t think like this - I’m a German disciple, he is a Swiss disciple, you are a Dutch disciple etc. - but instead think that we are all European disciples, we will truly form a whole body in Europe. Thus, the government work regarding the EU and UN is naturally our incumbent responsibility. If we can go further, we are not European disciples, not American disciples, Taiwanese disciples, but Dafa disciples who are undertaking Fa-rectification, then we will understand the obligations that we bear.
  • My Thoughts on Reading the Statement From Hong Kong Practitioners

    Why didn’t I identify a fake practitioner as other fellow practitioners did? What gap do we have that made her choose to attempt to damage us? After sharing with fellow practitioners, I have gradually come to understand. Here I write down the details of what I have been through, as it might help us dig out the evil in ourselves from the complications of the superficialities.
  • A Story of Going Through Customs

    While driving to Switzerland to take part in the activities held during the United Nations’ human rights conference, we were stopped on the border to present our passports to the policeman. The passports visa of one fellow practitioner was found to have expired. He was unable to go through Customs. We, nine practitioners, discussed this matter together...