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  • Hopes and Dreams, Unusual Encounters and Supernormal Phenomena

    Time is passing quickly and it is already the year 2012. On this fast-moving trajectory, we see that everyone has experienced tribulations and will likely meet with yet further rounds of unknown trials for the rest of their lives. Most of us will be able to recall our earliest hopes and dreams, as well as unusual and supernormal experiences, often telling of some inner truth we could not explain but knew in our hearts to be true.
  • Returning to Home Together on the Path of Dafa Cultivation

    When I was at the lowest point of my life, I felt lost and my job search prospects were few. I met a friend on the Internet who had the same major as me. We discussed what happiness was. I told him I believed in Buddha. He told me he believed in Falun Dafa, which was also the Buddha Fa. I found this interesting because I had heard of Falun Dafa a few months prior.
  • How I Came to Learn Falun Gong

    The book was Zhuan Falun. The first time I read it, I experienced some unexplainable feelings. For example, the energy in my stomach was noticeably active, as if a tiny child were punching in there. In no time I felt my liver become as hard as iron, but it shortly turned soft. I was curious and a little nervous in the beginning, but not scared, because none of the unusual feelings hurt or caused any discomfort. I realized this book was extraordinary.
  • A Blessing in Disguise: Dafa's Teacher Saved Me

    I started to practise Falun Dafa in May 2007. Before that, I had heard the facts about Falun Gong several times and remembered that Falun Gong could save people. However, due to the indoctrination of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) culture, I did not believe that divine beings and Buddhas really existed.
  • A New Practitioner from Beijing: I Finally Became a Part of Falun Dafa

    I actually first came into contact with Dafa at the end of 2002. However, due to various reasons, I didn't obtain the Fa then. Now I have come to understand that the reason for that was because of interference from the old forces. It was compassionate Teacher who woke me up. Since I've obtained the Fa, the beauty that Dafa has brought to me is beyond description.
  • My Mother Realized That Looking Inward Is the Magical Tool in Cultivation

    When my mum had another X-ray at the hospital just a few months later, she found that her broken bones had healed completely and were perfectly formed. The doctor thought it was impossible, as this condition normally required surgery. The eldest of my younger brothers had a classmate who was the deputy director of the Orthopedic Department at the hospital. He knew that I practised Falun Gong, and when I told him that my mother had started to practise, he simply smiled to acknowledge that he understood.
  • Miracles Occur Upon Beginning to Practise Falun Gong

    It is not easy to quit smoking and drinking. However, as I concentrated when studying the Fa and practising the exercises, I completely forgot those bad habits. One day, I suddenly remembered that I had neither smoked nor drunk for a while. Zhuan Falun helped me kick those addictions, and I was no longer vexed by them. I felt relaxed and wonderful. I indeed experienced the miraculous power of Dafa. My wife was also very happy for me.
  • New Practitioner: Going from Being an Ordinary Person to a Falun Dafa Practitioner

    In early 2005, I became friends with a colleague of mine, whom I shall call Mr. L. After I got to know him better, I felt that he was different from other people. He was very kind, nice, and righteous compared to other people. Many people at work had conflicts between each other. All of the co-workers liked him and they had good things to say about him. Eventually, he told me that he was a Falun Gong practitioner.
  • A Glorious Future Awaits Those Who Assimilate to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance

    There was a small shop right across from the place where I worked in 1997. The owner had a bad temper and I found her to be quite loathsome. One day, I was amazed to see her later at the hairdresser's, which was located at my workplace. She was soft-spoken, gentle, and polite. Her complexion was delicate and glowing. I couldn't help asking her, “How did you change so much?” She said, “I practise Falun Gong.”
  • Some of my memories in cultivation

    The journeys we made every year between 1995 and 1998 to China from Sweden to visit fellow practitioners were precious. We visited the Chinese practitioners in their homes and were received like family members. Their stories were so extraordinary and moving and their steadfast belief in Dafa helped me to move forward faster in cultivation.
  • I Am Thankful for Master's Compassion in Giving Me a Second Life

    May 12, 1999 is my blessed date of getting to know Falun Dafa. That is why I always remember it. On that day a high school classmate of mine came to visit me. Seeing me lying on the bed listlessly, she said, “You are so fragile, a wind could blow you over. You should practise Falun Dafa. My mother's high blood pressure and heart disease disappeared after practising it. She is very healthy now.”
  • New Practitioner: Finding the Root Cause of My Attachments at My Level of Understanding

    As I read articles by other Falun Dafa practitioners about finding the root causes of their attachments, I looked within for the root cause of my own. I knew for sure that I would find the attachments, and that the articles would help me to notice and begin to eliminate them one by one. I do appreciate and cherish the articles written by fellow Dafa practitioners. But was I able to identify the root cause of my attachments?
  • A “Hi-Tech Whiz” Finds the Answer to Life

    In January 1997, he had the predestined chance to cultivate Falun Dafa. Both his mind and body benefitted from experiencing a 180-degree change in his mood and attitude toward life. Mr. Huang said, “Cultivating Falun Gong allows me to feel a sense of joy. It's like I have obtained the supreme wisdom. I think that if I hadn't practised Falun Gong, I would still be suffering from depression."
  • A Professor Who Helped His Students to See Shen Yun Performing Arts Later Begins Cultivating Dafa

    Professor Reid has seen Shen Yun three times. Every year he looks forward to the arrival of Shen Yun. As this year has been too busy, he was unable to go see the show, which is something he regretted. His research team consists of ten Chinese people who hold Ph.D. and Master degrees. I told Professor Reid, “How about you introduce Shen Yun to your students?"
  • Falun Dafa Is What I Was Truly Looking For

    During my childhood, the influence of family traditions such as respecting heaven and one's ancestors helped me to believe in the existence of divine beings. After I retired from working several decades as a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) secretary, I visited many famous mountains and temples, but I did not find what I was looking for. At the end of 2006, an old friend, whom I had not seen for more than 20 years, brought me the book Zhuan Falun.