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  • A Brief Talk About "Separations and Barriers"

    So could it be possible that Falun Dafa practitioners, because of our cultivation inadequacies, have caused the formation of some barriers among practitioners, which then become a kind of hindrance to the Fa-rectification? I then realised that in the past when the practitioners were separated by regions, the elements of such barriers could have been created, and in the present when the practitioners participate in different Falun Dafa projects and work in different teams, such barriers also exist.
  • Embodying Falun Dafa in Any Environment

    A fellow practitioner, rushed to Bodo. She had contacted a reporter of the Nordland Daily, the most important newspaper in Norway. That afternoon the reporter actually came and interviewed us for three hours. The next morning, two whole front pages of the newspaper carried news that Falun Gong was being brutally persecuted in China. It had a such impact that before holding the news conference, when we were walking on the street of Bodo, some Norwegians gave us thumbs-up saying: "I know you! I have read the news! Hold the line!"
  • Limited by Human Notions

    The rhythm of the drumbeats seemed to brighten me up and so I asked if I could join the drum team. To my disappointment, the team instructor said that all positions were filled. Suddenly, I felt as if I had lost something from my life. I regretted my hesitating in the first place, missing this opportunity. I didn't believe I had the ability until I saw them practise. Now I have missed an opportunity, which in turn made me somewhat miserable.
  • Correctly Viewing the Relationship Between Eliminating Attachments and "Whether to Watch TV and Read Newspapers"

    Recently, during some cultivation experience sharing with other Falun Gong practitioners, we discussed about the environment of the human society being a big dye vat and that all what we see and hear are tests for cultivators. Thus, in order to eliminate the attachment to political parties through cultivation, some practitioners suggested that we simply do not watch TV or read newspapers.
  • Walking Out of Prison With the Aid of Righteous Thoughts Emerge

    I am a Falun Gong practitioner from Hunan Province, China. I neglected the importance of studying the Falun Gong teachings - the Fa, cultivating my heart and exposing the persecution. As a result, I was seized in March of 2005 while distributing the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party . I was illegally sentenced to one and a half years of forced labour and was detained in Xinkaipu Forced Labour Camp in Changsha City, Hunan Province
  • Finding the Root of My Fear

    Since then, I found that I sometimes felt an unknown pressure stuck in my chest when I went out to expose the persecution and let people learn the truth. I sensed that it was fear. I looked inside myself to find out why I felt this way. Eventually, I found the reason. It was because I had a mentality formed ever since my childhood that I liked to hear others’ praise for whatever I did. If another person said that I did not do things well, I would worry about it. I cared a lot about how others saw me.
  • Improper Mentalities in Memorising the Falun Gong Teachings

    It is not correct to seek to achieve a certain goal in reciting the Fa. The base point of reciting the Fa is to become more and more assimilated to the Fa, rather than to achieve a higher status for oneself, to make oneself different from other practitioners, or to satisfy one’s attachment for showing off, which are all not in line with the Fa principles and part of the attachment of pursuit. Furthermore, it is also not right to take reciting the Fa as a daily task or as a guarantee for maintaining a good status in cultivation.
  • Recalling Stories of When Teacher Lectured on His Second Visit to Australia

    We reached the practice site at Darling Harbour and saw 26 practitioners doing the sitting exercise with their their backs to the clear seawater. A practitioner who was with us intended to call a stop and announce Teacher’s arrival, but Teacher stopped him. We saw Teacher looking over the 26 practitioners until the end of the music with a gratified, gracious gaze.
  • My Experience of "Understanding the Fa from the Fa"

    I started practising Falun Dafa in 1996, but for a period of time in my cultivation I did not study the Falun Gong teachings - the Fa. I realised that because of this I was not able to elevate my understanding beyond the human level. I was worried. How was I to understand the Fa from the Fa? I often asked myself this question after I was persecuted and stopped studying. When I resumed practising in 2003 I gradually found an answer to my question.
  • Falun Gong Practitioners Should Not Become Attached to Any Political Party

    When some practitioners speak, they like to imply which party is good or bad, which party needs salvation, or which party has already taken a righteous position. In fact, these comments all derive from human notions. Some practitioners get very upset when others criticize the party that they approve of. This anger comes from wanting others to accept and think the way they do. The motivation for debating the merits of the political parties is wanting to prove oneself right and wanting to validate oneself, not the principles layed out in Falun Gong.
  • Our Belated Gift

    Having been through tests of life and death and having experienced many hardships, local practitioners and I have walked our paths thanks to Master's protection. During each stage of Fa-rectification, we remind each other and encourage each other. Although our journey has not been smooth, we share a feeling of confidence.
  • Cherish This Precious Chance of All Eternity

    I had a dream one night in 2004. I stood at a river bank and many people were saying, "Who dares to jump into the river?" Suddenly a man passed me, jumped into the river and shouted for help! I thought: why did I not pull him back? After I woke up, I realised Teacher gave me a hint to quickly save people. I suddenly remembered that the man who shouted for help used to go to the same practise site as I did.
  • Emerging from a Dangerous Cultivation State

    One day as I was peacefully reading the experience sharing section in Minghui Weekly, the phrase, "the attachment of ridding oneself of attachments," in an article made me wonder. What kind of attachment is this? Is there such an attachment? Can a cultivator be wrong in getting rid of attachments? How can there be such a thing? I could not find the answer after thinking about it for a long time.
  • The Prerequisite of Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions is by Diligently Studying the Falun Gong Teachings

    In this way, my memory became quicker, and my thoughts were clear and agile when I memorized the Fa. Later I memorized word for word, and paragraph by paragraph. Moreover, after I memorized one paragraph or issue, I wrote it down from memory, so it would not be easy for me to forget. Meanwhile, I repeatedly listened to Teacher's lectures, and watched the lectures on video. Every time I did this, I learned more, especially when I watched Teacher's lecture on video.
  • Sharing Experiences About Sending Righteous Thoughts

    I send forth righteous thoughts before studying the Falun Gong teachings, before practicing the exercises, before writing articles, before doing activities to expose the persecution, before browsing the internet, before preparing and distributing materials, before going out the door, etc. In this way, we can eliminate evil about to disturb what we are going to do, and complete the activities smoothly.