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  • Western Practitioner: Digging Out Attachments

    Three months later he appeared again saying we needed to move 4 meters out. This time it only took one word to wake him up and he apologised, remembering who we were. Each time I was calm with a firm belief that what we were doing was righteous. Afterwards, I thought about why this had happened: I still hadn’t managed to talk face to face with the manager of the property. I still had some fear and this is how it manifested.
  • Do Not Hold Fast to Our Attachments During Tests

    Recently I encountered two consecutive tests: one was about sentimentality and the other about money. Because of my many attachments, I didn’t pass these tests with flying colours. All Falun Gong students know that the more we remove our attachments, the faster we pass our tests and vice versa.
  • My Thoughts after Studying "Teaching the Fa in Canada, 2006"

    Because my mind was not righteous, and I had not awakened within the Fa, so each time I encountered conflicts with my son, I would endure with a human heart. After I changed that notion and accepted the child as part of my cultivation environment that I "must" face, I felt the situation changing.
  • The Changes In Me During My Cultivation

    Being able to take criticism is for me one of the most fundamental principles of being able to work well with others. I realised this early on when I started writing for one of our media. At first I would be upset if my articles were changed and this made problems for myself, and probably for other members of the team, also. I have to admit that I was even embarrassed to have my name on articles.
  • Exposing the Persecution by Showing Movies in the Chinese Community

    every day during lunch time I would go to the Parliament Hill to distribute materials and clarify the truth face to face to people. Usually, not many Chinese would stop to listen to me, and many of those who stopped would leave after hearing a few sentences. What a great blessing it would be to those Chinese people in the theatre if what they were watching was a video detailing the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution!
  • Taking Each Step Well and Steadily

    Different websites and media are targeting different audiences and speak from different angles, but they are all for the purpose of rescuing sentient beings in a maximised capacity. There are absolutely no distinctions between issues of one being more important than the other, just as we will not discuss whether the army or the air force is more important. But we need to know their respective roles.
  • Being Diligent

    One day as I was reading one of Master's lectures, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I have not been diligent. Of course, the answer was simple. However, it took a few months of getting up early every day, doing the exercises and studying the Falun Gong teachings before work, to enlighten to the difference between the meaning of being diligent and not being diligent.
  • Trouble Caused by Unrighteous Thoughts

    During one trip with my relative, on the way back, we were passing through dense fog. At that moment, a thought suddenly appeared in my mind, "If something dangerous happens, I will be able to use it as a sound excuse to stop doing this work." At that moment, I did not evaluate this thought based on the principles taught in Falun Gong and did not deny it with righteous thoughts. The result was that we did have an accident, and I broke my leg.
  • European Practitioner: Looking Inward in Light of the Paris Gala Preparation

    This should have been the time for me to come back and help out more, but instead of seeing the need for stronger efforts on this project, I was stuck in myself, thinking: "I told them it was not reasonable, yet they still do it and throw away such huge amounts of money." I kept a passive attitude towards the gala, just providing help here and there, from time to time, instead of shouldering more and releasing a bit of the pressure off a few local disciples. Along with that was, as an excuse, the fact that I had to travel a lot for my job.
  • How I Overcame Drowsiness

    An invisible force closed my eyes and shut my mouth, forcing me to give up studying the Fa, and dragging me towards the bed. I knew this was interference. I sent forth strong righteous thoughts, "No matter what happens, I must learn the Fa by heart today!" I stopped other interference thoughts, and just read and memorised the Fa. The harder it was to memorise the Fa, the harder I tried. I memorised the Fa out loud. After two hours I felt refreshed and my head was clear.
  • Experience or Lesson?

    I noticed that often when we talk about our experiences, we talk about how we faced the evil authorities and didn’t cooperate with them, how we finally broke through the tribulations and obstacles, and how we firmly believed in Falun Dafa and Master, but we rarely emphasise how to move forward in a more steadfast and rational manner, how to clearheadedly protect our cultivation environment from being disturbed, and how to diligently strive forward together and improve together.
  • Stepping out of Human Notions Does Not Mean Stepping Out as a Human

    Recently a Falun Gong practitioner who was illegally detained in a Chinese prison for five years was released. He told me that he has an obstacle in his cultivation. Whenever he wants to encourage practitioners to step forward, he feels that doing so will make the practitioners suffer more and he therefore feels unwilling to encourage them.
  • Falun Gong Practitioner Illegally Detained at a Women's Prison in Heilongjiang Province Smuggles a Letter Out to Her Family

    One day I fell asleep in the snow and I was near death. Nobody noticed it until two hours had passed, when the guards found me. They carried me to a nearby garage and started to massage my heart. Nothing worked. My pulse and blood pressure were abnormal and they were quite scared. They shouted at me. In the end, a prisoner warmed me with her body. After I woke up, I found that my upper lip was injured. I also tasted blood in my mouth. They still asked me whether I would "transform". I refused and they took away my clothes and threw me back in the snow.
  • Do I Meet the Standard of Being a Good Person?

    I refused to look inward and improve myself from my heart. This caused me to have a very shaky foundation for my personal cultivation and I acted even worse than an ordinary person in some aspects. My speech and actions were not above those of everyday people, they were simply abnormal. This caused ordinary people to have the impression that "those Falun Gong practitioners are even worse than we non-practitioners.
  • The Experiences of a Young Western Practitioner

    My name is Dionne and I am 15 years old. I began to practise Falun Gong four months ago. I came into contact with Falun Gong through another practitioner by the name of Ruud who was visiting one of my old friends. I conversed with Ruud about Falun Dafa and it sounded good to me and I found it interesting, but I did not become a practitioner then. I’d like to share my experience about how I started practising Falun Dafa.