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  • My Experience of Quitting Smoking

    I would like to offer a word of advice to fellow practitioners who still smoke while cultivating, to eliminate this attachment. It not only harms your body but also gives people a negative impression of practitioners. We are assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification and are manifesting Dafa's goodness. As practitioners, we should meet higher requirements in order to save more sentient beings.
  • A Few Words Regarding: My "Self" and My True Self

    I have come to the enlightenment that whenever I don't conduct myself well in daily cultivation, it is due to my false self being dominant and my true self not being in control. I can conduct myself well when my true self is dominant and I can align myself to the "Fa" taught by Teacher.
  • Strong Righteous Thoughts Ensure Safety

    As Falun Dafa practitioners of the Fa-rectification period, we are walking on a divine path. Our great Teacher has already given us great abilities to protect ourselves. If we have righteous thoughts and actions, we will definitely be safe. Certainly, the premise is that we must diligently study the Fa
  • Some Thoughts on Resentment

    I have found a fundamental issue in my personal cultivation that I have not completely eliminated. It is resentment toward the Chinese people who oppose and hate Dafa. I do not accept them from the bottom of my heart. Even though I understand that I should treat them benevolently from the Fa perspective--and I try my best through my words and actions to treat them that way--I still don't truly treat them with compassion.
  • I Openly Walked Out of the Demon's Den

    On the last day of the three-day Qingming Festival, I became resolute in my mind. Holding on to the iron bars on the window, I shouted with all my strength, "Falun Dafa is good!" I kept shouting it louder and louder. I did this during the visitation time. Many people ran to the open area and looked in my direction. The police officers became very nervous. Several of them used force to drag me back to the cell. However, I continued to shout.
  • Keeping Our Minds Right; Exerting Greater Efforts to Save People

    As Dafa disciples, we should not let the world's people, who are supposed to be saved, be weeded out along with the sentient beings in their cosmic bodies. We should not even think about when the evil Party will disintegrate and when this persecution will finally end. Master clearly talked about this issue in "Teaching the Fa to Australian Practitioners." The only thing that we should be focusing on now is how to best use the time left to save people.
  • Coordinate as One Body to Rescue Fellow Practitioners

    Since my wife is near sighted, I asked her to send forth righteous thoughts as I was posting the flyers on the police station gate. The gate was well lit, and four or five police cars were parked there. People were going in and out of the gate as if they were having a meeting. I told myself that I couldn't just leave; that I wouldn't leave until I put the fliers on their door and walls; and that I was eliminating evil and we were not afraid.
  • Believe in Teacher, Believe in the Fa, Save Sentient Beings

    Teacher knows that I have no fear or notions, so Teacher gives me divine power. With righteous thoughts, if you ask people to quit the CCP they will quit. But with a human mindset, you can't easily convince people to quit the CCP. In fact, Teacher gave every practitioner these abilities, but fellow practitioners don't always make good use of them. With a human mindset and fear, your feelings will limit your ability to use divine power.
  • Abandoning My Ego -- Going to Hong Kong to Clarify the Facts and Validate the Fa

    While passing through Hong Kong Customs, it suddenly seemed like a voice talking to me, "Any behavior of trying to prove oneself in Dafa is very silly, very disrespectful. A being should be humble in Dafa, gaining naturally without pursuit." I wanted to cry and recalled what Master said, "If they are not cleaned out, how can you, with such an impure, dark body and a filthy mind, practice cultivation toward a higher level?" (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)
  • Cultivating to Become a Selfless, Altruistic and Righteous Enlightened Being

    The most important thing at present is to save people. We must think of every conceivable means to save people so as to fulfill our grand pledge to assist Teacher in the Fa-rectification. Every single life saved matters. The more, the better. Teacher has expounded on the importance of saving sentient beings from the perspective of the Fa, so we must follow it. In regard to saving people, we ought to use our wisdom to save more people.
  • Study the Fa with a Calm Mind

    I sometimes think, "I have already spent some time studying the Fa today. I can wait for tomorrow to study the Fa again." At my current level of cultivation, I understand that since Master emphasises the importance of Fa study with a calm mind, then when I can't get my mind focused on Fa study or do not want to study the Fa, aren't these the times I should search within? Am I really unwilling to assimilate myself into the Fa?
  • How I Eliminated My Attachment of Sexual Desire

    Many people want to cultivate and wish to succeed in cultivation. However, many have failed to fulfill this wish because they experienced difficulties when trying to eliminate attachments. Among the various kinds of attachments, sexual desire and lust seem to be the most difficult to eliminate. From ancient times to today, there have been countless practitioners who failed the last hurdle in their cultivation and were ruined instantly.
  • To Give Up Human Attachments

    After emptying the buckets the second time, while in a rage, I suddenly realized that this task must be Teacher's arrangement, and meant to eliminate my attachment to reputation. Before I started practicing Falun Gong, I thought my attachment to reputation was only a minor affair, as I tended to act on my own free will, with little regard to other people's opinions.
  • Completely Denying the Old Forces' Arrangements for People

    The old forces arranged a series of prophecies to make us have an attachment to "expecting the final prophecy," and it did arouse many people's attachments. It not only made us recognize its arrangement, but also recognize the old cosmos's reasoning. I didn't clearly understand from the Fa that this is a meticulous arrangement made by the old forces - the old forces intended to eliminate more people. But we want to save more people.
  • My Return to Falun Dafa