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  • Devote Our Hearts to Saving People

    I think that we should not have any attachment to things that happen in society. We should just follow Teacher's requirements, do the three things well, study the Fa and cultivate, send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, and clarify the truth to save all beings. We should behave without selfishness or qing.
  • Cultivation experiences during the preparation of Shen Yun

    I have heard many times from friends, sponsors and professional advisers saying, “I received your flyers, your team effort is really impressive!” A marketer from the venue told me after her holiday: “Guess what? I received your flyer when transferring between flights in Japan… and it’s in Japanese. I already put it on the front of my desk as a souvenir.”
  • In a Few Words: Our Hearts Should Remain Unmoved

    Many things have happened recently, and it is easy for our hearts to be stirred. My fellow practitioners, what I want to tell everyone is that our hearts should remain unmoved under all circumstances. Once our hearts are stirred, we will drop to the same level as everyday people.
  • How do I persistently encourage the Chinese people to quit from the CCP?

    Many practitioners in Cambridge went to America to attend the NY Fa-conference, and with only a few practitioners left, some practitioners were worried. I said: “As long as our thoughts are righteous, the evil will be afraid of us.” We were sending forth righteous thoughts and telling the facts. As a result, the Chinese students did not make trouble; some of them accepted our truth materials, even quit from the CCP and its related organisations on the spot. A practitioner said: “ I feel today’s field is very righteous”. This is exactly the case as Master said that ,“If our thoughts are righteous, the evil will collapse”.
  • Compassion is the Right State of a Cultivator

    Thinking about forbearance, I thought about how I don't have patience with fellow practitioners. They are still cultivating but I wasn't able to tolerate them. Then I went to group study yesterday and discovered what I am lacking in my cultivation. In a very righteous field, if one can immerse oneself in the Fa and start to share experiences, then partitions and the inability to harmonize will be corrected.
  • Cultivation and working with the three medias

    The current Eutelsat incident makes me realise that in China, a lot of ordinary people have gradually changed after watching NTDTV. So when we work for NTDTV, or for other media, we are not for entertaining ordinary people. It's a requirement for us to cultivate ourselves well while doing media work, we need to keep ourselves pure, only then can we produce programmes that are more effective in saving people.
  • Cultivation and the work place

    Because of my attitude that work wasn't that important, I never took on too much responsibility. But in the past couple of years my situation changed so that gradually I was given more and more responsibility. I realised that this was so that I could upgrade myself in line with the responsibilities Dafa disciples have in the Fa-rectification period.
  • Self-Reflection after Self-Resentment

    How have those sluggish students such as I hindered the progress of the Fa-rectification in this world? It is because we have not cultivated well and are falling far below the standard for the divine beings in the new universe. If the Fa-rectification should arrive in the human realm right now, would we be able to reach Consummation?
  • Offering Sentient Beings Salvation is the Best Way to End the Persecution

    I realized that when to complete the Fa-rectification is under Master's control. I believe that Master is waiting for these pre-destined beings to be saved. Although we Dafa disciples are working hard to clarify the truth and offer sentient beings salvation, our effort falls far short of Master's requirements.
  • New Practitioner Shares Experiences in Truth-clarification on the Internet

    My personal experience has shown me that when I do all three things well, truth-clarification work goes very smoothly. If I don't have strong enough righteous thoughts, set my priorities straight, or fail to look within and remove my attachments, the evil takes advantage of my loopholes and affects my saving sentient beings. I currently hope that practitioners don't stop their efforts when encountering difficulties.
  • My Stubborn Brother Now Understands

    The director also said something to slander Falun Dafa. At this time, a Dafa practitioner in this factory immediately stood up and said, "You should not slander Falun Dafa and my Master!" Immediately following him a non-practitioner employee also stood up without hesitation and said loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" At this critical moment, this person chose to stand on the side of justice. The director was shocked and quickly changed the subject.
  • Letting Go of Attachments that Govern the Relationship Between Husband and Wife

    I also realized that with the exception of studying the Fa together and doing the exercises, I was not treating my husband as a fellow practitioner. Cultivation penetrates everything in our daily lives. The predestined relationship between husband and wife is only formed from karmic retribution lifetime after lifetime.
  • Edinburgh Parade Weekend Sharing

    I was a martial at the side of the parade and saw that when the people saw the banners and drummers at the front of the parade many faces in the busy Princess Street where smiling and gazing then as the banners and girls with plaques passed the smiles dropped to deep sorrow. On seeing this I was moved to tears myself. I quickly moved towards the front of the parade again as where the smiling faces were to help dispel my tears.
  • Bibles and Olympics - Reading Between the Lines to Understand What's Really Going on in China

    Freedom of belief is a universally accepted right. While the world focused on the Beijing Olympics and the outstanding athletic feats performed there, the Communist Party unscrupulously violated human rights in a faraway city, showing again that its pre-Olympic promises to uphold freedom of belief were nothing but bold-face lies.
  • Sharing from the Fa about the Olympic Games

    For our entire group as one-body, we have been watched to see if our hearts have been moved or if we still do the three things well. If we do not use our human mentalities, but instead use righteous thoughts all the time--use our righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces and the persecution with no fear--the wicked forces will be depleted and will hurt nobody.