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  • Brutal Torture of Elderly Women and Teenage Girls in Henan Province Forced Labour Camp

    I could hear them scream painfully. The vicious guards not only participated in the beating, but also ordered the criminal inmates to beat the practitioners. A woman in her 50's who refused to give up her belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance was also handcuffed behind her back and then hung up on a doorframe. The guards kept swinging her body, and she was in extreme pain.
  • "610 Office" Cruelly Tortures Dafa Practitioners Using Snakes and Scorpions

    To further intensify the torture, the head of the local "610 Office" ordered the thugs to purchase a snake and keep it unfed in a basket. After several days, the thugs placed the basket near Dafa practitioner Mr. Peng and removed the cover. The snake was so desperate at being confined and unfed that it sprung out of the basket and bit Mr. Peng on the neck, leaving its tooth lodged underneath his skin.
  • Chinese Citizens get a Clearer Understanding of Official Chinese Media Reports

    My mother also mentioned that through this [SARS] incident, people have a clear understanding of what’s going on in Chinese news reports. People realise that past propagandas are actually not to be believed. For example, reports on the war between USA and Iraq have been used to fan up the anti-American feeling. Mother also said “now people won’t be fooled anymore. This time even people who are not sharp are awakening to the truth.”
  • Kindhearted Taxi Driver Helps a Falun Dafa Practitioner Whom He Has Never Met Before

    The taxi driver did not charge him for the ride. Instead, he took out 20 Yuan and gave it to the practitioner. The practitioner was very touched and promised that he would pay the driver back. However, the driver replied, "No need. I am very happy to be able to help you. You are all good people."
  • Masanjia Forced Labour Camp Murder Female Dafa Practitioner Yet Deny Responsibility

    When Zhang Guizhi's family asked to learn the cause of her death, the camp director did not respond. The team leader forbade them to take pictures of her body. Her family noticed wounds on her body and bloodstains in her nose and mouth. There were purple speckles on her body. When asked why her body looked black and blue, the police claimed that a fall while taking a shower triggered her heart problem, which led to her death.
  • Barbaric Torture in Handan Forced Labour Camp

    In June 2001, Dafa practitioner Miao Xinshan was tied with ropes and beaten with batons more than 70 times. He was hung up and his legs were pinched with pliers, as a result his legs turned black and blue, and months later he still had not recovered.
  • Police Hide Violence Behind Closed Doors at the Tuanhe Transfer Office and Xin'an Labor Camp in Beijing

    Police proclaim to the outside world that Falun Gong practitioners are living a good life in labour camps and that "everyone has a potted flower and a pet gold fish." In fact, those fish were brought by Falun Gong practitioners' families because police ordered them to do so when they came to visit practitioners. Police wanted to use such things to cover their brutal treatment of Falun Gong practitioners.
  • Liaoyuan Forced Labour Camp Uses Cruel Torture Methods In an Attempt to Force Dafa Practitioners to Give Up their Faith

    Certain lawless individuals from Liaoyuan Forced Labour Camp used deception to manipulate officials above and control officials below. They employed the cruelest means of torture against Dafa practitioners in order to please the "higher ups," all for the sake of their self interest, attempting to make us give up our cultivation.
  • The Depravity of Police Towards Falun Dafa Practitioners in Hebei Province Exposed

    They wet her wired thumbs to achieve the maximum possible shocking effect. The inhuman police feared that her horrible shrieks (while being shocked) would be heard, so they gagged her with a wet towel. As a result of the electrical shocks and the iron chair torture method, her fingers were burnt and she was unable to walk.
  • 9 Year Old Boy's Practitioner Mother Tortured to Death in Nanmusi Female Forced Labour Camp

    She tragically left behind her elderly parents and a nine-year-old son. Her husband is still held in Pengzhou City Detention Centre brainwashing centre. Her family requested the government to release Tang Fafen's husband to handle the funeral affairs, but the "610 Office" turned them down and did not release her husband.
  • Constant Violence Towards Dafa Practitioners at Masanjia Forced Labour Camp

    However, they could not shake Dafa practitioners' determination to practise at all. The police treated the male Falun Gong practitioners even more brutally. Once they beat practitioner Yang so badly that his back was covered with cuts and bruises. It was summer, and very hot. Because they were not treated properly, the cuts became infected and crawling with vermin.
  • Falun Dafa Practitioners Endure Brutal Acts in Hehuakeng Forced Labour Camp

    As for those female Falun Gong practitioners who firmly insisted upon their belief, refusing to write "criticism" and "guarantee" letters, the authorities threw them into the guardroom. Inside the practitioners had their four limbs handcuffed to a bed, and criminals are incited to beat Falun Gong practitioners, twisting their hands, choking them with cigarette smoke, burning them with cigarettes, stepping on their chests, and sexually assaulting them with wooden sticks.
  • Practitioner Whipped Mercilessly in Liaoyuan Forced Labour Camp

    He then forced me to bend over with my hands holding the desk. Han grasped the whip with his two hands, and lashed it hard against my body. I endured only 5 blows before I fell to the ground, feeling excruciating pain. A bloody cut appeared after each lashing, and he lashed me a total of 15 times. The most agonising lash was one against my neck.
  • Concealing the Extent of the SARS Outbreak Angers the Public -- Only Seven Provinces Have No Cases So Far

    Many Chinese people still don't feel that the government officials have started telling the truth and are very indignant. One opinion holds that SARS is not only an infection on the verge of being out of control, but is also a political crisis, which may cause far-reaching effects on the relationship between the government and the common people.
  • Activities in Ireland Help Reveal the Facts to People in China

    My young cousin (not a Dafa practitioner) went to Ireland in 2001 to work. In the letters he wrote to his parents in China, he would attach some photos and reports from various newspapers and magazines about the activities of Falun Dafa practitioners. We are all very excited when we got to read them!