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  • Fucheng Police Hide Evidence of Their Criminal Acts That Caused the Death of Dafa Practitioner

    It was claimed in the autopsy report that Liu Qiusheng had no trauma. However, the son had seen with his very eyes that Liu's ear, face, lips, right shoulder, and right chest were black and blue with bruises. The medical examiner claimed that Liu Qiusheng died from "fatty heart," but what did the blood coming out of his mouth indicate?
  • Three Hellish Years of Brutal Persecution I Suffered in Masanjia Forced Labour Camp (Part II)

    I heard that practitioner Jiang Wei from Chaoyang was persecuted into insanity and incontinence. Jiang Wei used to be very smart and capable. She owned and managed a large restaurant in Chaoyang before being persecuted. Yet how terrible that the camp reduced her into such a condition that she had to be sent to a mental hospital!
  • Honour Student at City and Provincial Levels Barred from High School

    During this period, the teachers and the schoolmaster gave me "ideology education" and tried to force me to tell them the whereabouts of my parents. I was deeply hurt mentally. My classmates looked at me with strange looks. Sometimes when I was in class, I would be asked to leave, by the teacher saying, "A leader from the education bureau wants to talk with you. You should just listen and say nothing."
  • Righteously Standing Up Against The Persecution

    Before, practising Falun Gong, an 80-year-old man often couldn't walk due to pains in his leg. His son is a Falun Dafa practitioner and persuaded him to cultivate in Falun Dafa. After he began his cultivation, this man's symptoms vanished and he became healthy once again. One day a member of staff from the "610 Office" came to his home to harass him. The man asked this person sternly, "My leg pain disappeared after I began to practise Falun Gong. Are you going to carry me around if you don't want me to practise Falun Gong?" Surprised and speechless, the staff member from the "610 Office" left without another word.
  • Citizens Of China Disregard Jiang's Orders

    Right at that moment, my husband came to visit me. He is a very tall person, and he was able to block five of them so that the other practitioners and I could escape. I ran until I was out of breath. Just when I could run no farther, a taxi pulled up, but the persecutors were catching up to us. They shouted to the taxi diver," Do not take them, they are Falun Gong practitioners!" The taxi driver shook his fist and said to them, "So what if they practise Falun Gong. If you want to beat up a practitioner, why don't you come and try me first?" Later on the taxi driver told us his father-in-law is a practitioner.
  • Arrested Without Warrant, Tragically Shandong Province Female Practitioner Subsequently Dies

    Afterwards, the Rongcheng City government tried to avoid responsibility and appease public resentment, so it sent officials to talk to Liang Hongguang's family and asked them to cremate Liang's body. They promised to pay for all funeral expenses. They blocked the news and publicly claimed Liang committed suicide. Liang's friend said, "How malicious! If the police didn't attempt an illegal arrest, how could it happen?"
  • Falun Gong Practitioner Suffering Painful Force-Feeding in Fanjiatai Prison

    Every day the police tortured him by force-feeding him or administering injections against his will which caused him a lot of pain. Every time when he was force fed, he suffered severe heart palpitations. In the Fanjiatai jail hospital, the guards and the chief of staff restrained Xiong with handcuffs and shackles for ten days until his family members visited him.
  • Grotesque "Menu of One Hundred and Eight Dishes" Tortures by Police

    I was hit and knocked out twice. When falling down, I knocked over a pot of boiling tea on a stove causing my leg to become seriously burned. Agonising burns and blisters the size of eggs were all over my leg. After 3 days, yellow watery pus came out, and my leg became infected. My pants stuck tightly to my leg. Criminal prisoners even sprinkled salt on my wounds to inflict further pain.
  • Letter from Heartbroken Father to His Daughter

    I was very angry to hear the news; the law enforcement organisations were ruining the law. I have no trust in them any more because they deprive citizens of their basic rights. Your mum is not alone; she has a husband and a daughter. But her husband and daughter have been deprived of the right to see her in court; the verdict was even delivered by others. I was bitterly disappointed in the legal system.
  • Practitioner's Body and Mind Severely Traumatised by Being Force-Fed Urine and Excrement

    There, policeman Wang Yingzhou along with five other policemen again tortured me with the "tying with rope" torture. When I asked them why they were persecuting me, they told me it was because I had "minded others' business" -- that is, when another Falun Dafa practitioner was being violently attacked by a gang of criminals instigated by the police, I had tried to stop them.
  • Cruelty Beyond Imagination Towards Determined Dafa Practitioners at Masanjia Forced Labour Camp

    The prison guards told them, "No matter what crimes are committed against determined Dafa practitioners, it is all acceptable. If they die due to the torture, you can say it was because they were born with a lot of karma [Note: this is a distortion of spiritual principles in order to coerce collaborators to assist in the persecution and absolve them of responsibility]."
  • Cases of Persecution I Witnessed

    On August 19, 1999, I was illegally arrested and held in the Qianmen Detention Centre in Beijing City, where there were over twenty Dafa practitioners who were illegally arrested. There was a 30 something female Beijing practitioner who was not willing to have her family and her company implicated and persecuted with her. She courageously refused to tell the policemen her name and where she lived. Because of that a few hired thugs pulled her out and beat her terribly.
  • Vicious Abuse of Falun Dafa Practitioners at Kaiping District Forced Labour Camp

    "I am making a silent appeal. We were force fed, then forced to go to the hospital. You think about it, who is persecuting the good people in the great land of China? Who is breaking up millions of happy families? Who has used foreign investments to build labour camps, detention centres and brainwashing centres, and then used them exclusively to persecute good people?!" The police could not answer her at all.
  • The Suffering of Female Practitioner in the Banqiao Female Labour Camp

    The authorities forced her to do the hardest labour they could. That involved continuously loading and unloading heavy bags of goods, each of which weighed about sixty-five to seventy kilograms (about one hundred fifty pounds). In the midst of a harsh winter, the police took off her clothes and threw her naked out into the yard so as to make her suffer through freezing.
  • Former 'Collaborator' Suddenly Wakes Up and Sees Clearly the Evil of Jiang's Regime

    I had just sat down in a restaurant when I was arrested along with other fellow practitioners. At the Beijing Huilongguan Police Substation, we had no food or water. My son who was less than a year old slept on a wooden board on the cement floor. For three days, I was not able to nurse him since I had no breast milk. The police took turns trying to brainwash me and threatened that they would send me to the mental asylum and my son to the welfare house.