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  • Firsthand Experience of the Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners Held in Jinzhou City Labour Camp

    The labour camp medical department chief Shi used a pair of pliers to open my mouth to the maximum, which in the end loosened my teeth and caused severe bleeding. They repetitively inserted very thick tubes into our throats, which were used in hospitals for cleaning and pumping out the stomach. They moved the tubes back and forth for a long time in order to cause us the maximum amount of pain. The noises from the practitioners who were vomiting and painfully sobbing were really awful.
  • The Experiences of Two Female Dafa Practitioners in Beijing's Chaoyang Detention Centre

    While the two practitioners were strapped to the boards, several wardens took turns watching them, and forbidding them to talk, sleep, or even close their eyes. At one point, Wang Haixia refused to open her eyes. Feng Chunmei, the prison warden, slapped her over ten times, but Feng still failed to make Wang Haixia yield in her determination.
  • Exposing the Evil in the Masanjia Labour Camp

    There is another major evil crime prevalent in Masanjia Labour Camp: It's called "Sealed education." The labour camp staff is directed to block all channels that may expose the truth to the outside world, and they put up a false appearance to deceive all visitors. In May of this year, the World Human Rights Organization sent a group to investigate the issue of Falun Gong practitioners detained inside Masanjia; however, what they saw there was a facade pre-arranged by the labour camp staff.
  • A Falun Dafa Practitioner's Persecution Experience in China

    At the same time that they detained me, they did not stop looking for my husband. However, they did not find him, even after they went to Beijing to search. They were so furious that they started to persecute my son. On the night of June 2, they took my son away and detained him illegally for 21 days. When my relatives went to ask for his release, the head of the police department and the secretary of the Politics and Judiciary Committee shouted with their hands striking the table, "If we cannot find the father, we will arrest his son, and we won't release the son until we catch his father!"
  • In China, Guangzhou City Authorities Start Another Round of Evil Brainwashing Classes

    Guangzhou City authorities have launched another round of persecution against practitioners. They have started another round of evil brainwashing classes at the Huangpu District Drug Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Disabled Practitioner in Sichuan Province Arrested and Charged with Seeking to "Overthrow the National Regime"

    Practitioner Shang Qingling's left leg was disabled due to infantile paralysis and she had to walk on crutches. After she practiced Falun Dafa she became healthy in both mind and body, nevertheless she was charged with the crime of seeking to "overthrow the national regime" due to her belief in Falun Dafa.
  • Capital Steel Company Persecutes Falun Dafa Practitioners: Victims and Persecutors named

    On September 14, Zhang Chenghua and some other thugs kidnapped practitioner Chen Xiuling, forcing her into a car while she was working. She was sent to Capital Steel Company Headquarters to attend the vicious brainwashing class; there has been no further word about her.
  • Falun Dafa Practitioners Endure Horrific Electrocutions

    These practitioners' bodies became black and blue all over. The scoundrels also shoved an electric baton down the shirt of one practitioner and shocked her back until her entire back down to her legs turned black and blue. You could hardly find a good patch of skin. A layer of blisters had formed on another practitioner's lips after they were burnt from electric shocks. Furthermore, she had to endure having both of her hands cuffed behind her back and having each of her ten fingers pricked with needles. The third practitioner also had wounds all over her body.
  • Vicious People,Vicious Suppressions: Responsible work units and organizations that endorse the persecution are named

    More than thirty practitioners have been detained for ten to fifty days without any legitimate legal procedure being conducted. Moreover, suppressions, such as dismissing Falun Dafa practitioners from their work places, giving them large fines, ransacking their houses, sending them to detention at will, and threatening, following, and monitoring them, have been countless.
  • Elderly Practitioner Murdered by Police using Electric Baton on her Heart area

    Witnesses state: "On June 7th, practitioner Wang Lanxiang, (female, who was over 60 years old), was being repeatedly shocked with an electric baton the whole afternoon. As she refused to renounce her faith in Falun Gong, the guards lost their senses and decided to use a different baton. This baton was more lethal; it was as thick as a wrist and delivered a higher voltage so as to cause more damage to the victim. They then used this baton on the area of her heart. She died instantly."
  • Luo Gan's Criminal Group Plans to Arrest Falun Gong Practitioners Nationwide

    Luo Gan is in charge of carrying out the persecution of Falun Gong. His criminal group plans to arrest Falun Gong practitioners nationwide without any restraint or due process of the law. They can make up their own rules as they wish. They are taking advantage of the fact that America was attacked by terrorists and is currently distracted from human rights issues in China.
  • Elderly Man and Three Other Falun Dafa Practitioners Killed in China - One Suffocates from Force-Feeding

    Four more Falun Dafa practitioners have been murdered in police custody, including an elderly man, Liu Shiyou, a middle-aged woman named Pei Ouhua, an unidentified woman, and a man named Mr. Yan. News of these deaths have only now come to light between six months and more than a year after they took place due to the strict information blockade in China.
  • The Police in Yonghong Police Substation Severely Beat a 14-year Old Falun Dafa Practitioner

    Policeman, Guo Weishan, from Jiamusi Yonghong Police Substation has severely beaten Falun Dafa practitioners many times. In August, a 14-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner was arrested while clarifying the truth of Falun Gong to the people of the world. The little girl's face was beaten black and blue, and her eyes were swollen. This evil policeman has been exposed on the internet several times before.
  • Female Falun Dafa Practitioner Li Xifang Dies in the Custody of Beijing Police

    On September 17, the Tuanjie police sent people along with Li's family members to Beijing to see her, but on September 18, they received the sad news that Li Xifang had suddenly died in a detention centre there.
  • Changlinzi Labour Camp Officials Brutally Beat Practitioners

    Director Shi also commanded that the practitioners' hands and feet be tied with ropes. They grabbed the ropes and dragged practitioners back and forth on the ground. All other practitioners shouted from inside the room, "The guards are beating people!" At this time, practitioners outside also rushed to the door and shouted, "Don't beat people."