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  • Nanchang City Jail Responsible for Death of Falun Dafa Practitioner

    The news also said the jail official claims Lan Hu wrote an appeal letter in which he "accused the top person in the government." Lan Hu's mother asked to see this letter but the jail official refused. An official from Changlin District People's Prosecuting Office refused to provide answers to the question, "Why did Lan Hu suffer circulatory and respiratory function failure after only four days on a hunger strike?" He said, "Ask the jail."
  • Human Tragedy: Female Practitioner Completely Paralysed from Severe Torture at Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp (Photos)

    During the time Li was illegally detained and tortured in the labour camp, her life was endangered many times. Her health deteriorated to the extent that all of her vital systems began to shut down, yet the labour camp refused to release her.
  • Harbin City Female Rehabilitation Centre Police Savagely Torture Dafa Practitioners

    Some practitioners really could not withstand the pain and thus signed the statement to agree to be "transformed." In the end, they were badly beaten until they agreed to "take the initiative to be transformed." The base rehabilitation police, however, told the family members of the Dafa practitioners who had inquired about them, "They are better off here than at home. They eat their fill of three meals everyday."
  • Falun Dafa Practitioner Suffers Agonising Persecution at Jiutai Forced Labour Camp

    They claimed that Yang's muscles were atrophied and that he needed a "massage." Shortly after, Yang's miserable screaming could be heard by the entire Education Team. The guards' laughing and loud speaking could also be heard...What had actually happened was that the guards pushed Yang into an empty wardrobe used by the inmates, closed the door, and then beat him with batons and sticks. Poor Yang Lidong was beaten so badly that he lost control of his bowels.
  • Falun Gong Practitioners Detained in the Shibalihe Women's Forced Labour Camp Suffer Inhuman Torture

    Upon regaining consciousness she still did not cooperate, so the wicked police asked two drug addicts to drag her back and forth on the floor like a mop. She was nearly tortured to death. Once, the heartless police tied her up for five days. When she finally fainted from tremendous pain they untied the ropes, only to tie her up again when she regained consciousness.
  • People Admire Falun Gong

    The Falun Dafa practitioners sent the information about the truth-clarification website to these young people to allow them to come to understand the true facts about Falun Gong. My cousin also said, "Many people received phone calls from Falun Dafa practitioners from overseas. Falun Gong is splendid. Under such suppression, they still dare to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. People really admire Falun Gong."
  • Righteous Actions Lead to Righteous Results

    The second time, I was taken away by the police from my home. My mother asked my elder sister to hide all of Teacher's books and other Falun Gong literature at her home, but my elder sister was so badly frightened that she did not dare to take them. My mother instead delivered all the literature to my younger sister's home again, and she immediately received and hid the literature.
  • Letter to United States District Court: Poignant Facts of the 3-Year Persecution of Jilin City Husband and Wife Falun Dafa Practitioners

    On the morning of October 1st, around 8 a.m., I unfurled a 5-meter-long banner that said, "Falun Dafa is Good!" Several dozen police began beating me, some with long iron bars hidden in their sleeves to strike my head repeatedly. My head and entire body were bleeding. My clothes were soaked with blood. I passed out on the spot and was carried by the police to Beijing's Qianmen Police Station. The police threw me in a quiet place while I was still unconscious and left me for the night.
  • Baimalong Women's Forced Labour Camp Create A Vicious Attack Team to Brutally Torture Dafa Practitioners

    Practitioner Cao Xianghui was sent to the "attack team" twice. The first time she was tortured severely, to the point where she could not move her lower body. Later she was once again sent to the "attack team" for staging a hunger strike in protest. They tortured her day and night, and her cries of pain could be heard from her cell constantly. No person with any sense of humanity would not be moved by such scenes of horror.
  • Shuangcheng City Second Detention Centre Torments Woman Practitioner Until She Loses Her Mind

    Ms. Xu Lijuan and her husband are both laid-off workers, and are therefore in considerable financial difficulty. They have had to spend close to 10,000 Yuan to treat Ms. Xu, [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China] who remains listless, and has lost part of her memory. She cannot take care of herself. Because Ms. Xu's husband has to take care of her and also their daughter, who is in school, he cannot go out to work to earn money. He is extremely distressed and exhausted. The family has to rely on the financial help of their relatives in order to survive.
  • Changchun City Third Detention Centre Ruins Practitioners Physically, Mentally and Financially

    Demonic police in the detention centre also stapled Dafa practitioners' hands, stabbed their hands with toothpicks and then tore out the staples and toothpicks. They enjoyed torturing the practitioners and called it "acupuncture." We caution the perpetrators that justice will prevail for the crimes committed against Dafa practitioners; "what goes around, comes around."
  • An 80 Year-Old Intellectual Starts to Practise Falun Gong In China

    Seeing that he had such a steadfast belief in Falun Dafa, I replied, "Let me give the book to you as a present." He firmly declined the offer, saying, "I have read countless books but none is as precious as this and I cannot accept it without paying for it." He said from the bottom of his heart, "I will keep this treasured book with the utmost care."
  • Female Dafa Practitioner Tortured to Death for Peacefully Distributing Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance Cards (Photo)

    Ms. Liu was an employee of the Shuangcheng City Beer Factory in Heilongjiang Province. On February 6, 2003, while peacefully distributing a New Year greetings card with the characters "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance" on it to a passenger in their own mini-van, she and her husband were reported to the police, who then unjustly took away the couple and their van. How could it be a crime to honour the values of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance?
  • Battered and Bruised: Female Dafa Practitioner’s Dead Body Is Proof of Vicious Torture In Brainwashing Class

    It wasn't until the noon of October 14 that the perpetrators notified Xiong's family members that she was dead. In order to escape responsibility, they lied to Xiong's family, claiming that she suffered from a high fever due to influenza and that they were not able to resuscitate her in time. When Xiong's family saw her corpse, her teeth were clenched tightly, her whole body was covered with bruises and injuries and her wrists showed deep marks from being hung with iron-chains. The state of her body was the proof of the vicious treatment she had been subjected to.
  • Practitioners Expose the Crimes of Shenyang City's Dabei Prison to the "World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong"

    The means they used are a collection of various nation-wide evil methods, all of which are very vicious and base. Last June, a Dafa practitioner was killed at Ward No. 7 in the Dabei Women's Prison. At the end of 2002, over 10 Dafa practitioners had been persecuted to death. But the criminals who killed those practitioners are still protected by Jiang's power and haven't been punished yet. They still conduct crimes out of their desire for political self interest and monetary gain.