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  • Remembering the Arrest of Practitioner Wang Lixuan and Her Baby Boy, Who Were Both Tortured to Death

    What crimes did the mother and the baby commit? Is it because that they wanted to speak the truth? As I think of this tragedy, my eyes are filled with tears. All kindhearted people in the world, do not keep silent any longer. Do not turn a blind eye towards this, and do not allow this tragedy to continue any longer! Many more people could lose their lives and lose their rights as human beings. Jiang's regime has carried out violent torture methods to deal with peaceful Dafa practitioners.
  • Criminal Mudanjiang "610 Office" Forces Dafa Practitioner to Have Abortion

    They claimed that she could go home only if she had an abortion, or else she would be detained at the brainwashing centre. Wang and her husband decided that they would keep the baby even if they both lost their jobs. Wang's workplace, however, insisted she have an abortion; they even pressured Wang's parents and uncles. Wang's husband was taken to the city police station and tortured for two days and two nights. Under this intense pressure, Ms. Wang was forced to have an abortion. This is yet more evidence of the crimes of the murderous Jiang regime.
  • Elderly Lady Beaten, Frozen Outside in Winter by Xinle County Police Department

    Those vicious people had no humanity at all; they even didn't think twice of torturing me -- an elderly lady! The evil policemen cruelly forced me to take off my clothes until I only had on my underwear and a shirt. They also forced me to lie on my stomach on a pile of snow in the yard, and they then piled ice on my body and poured cold water on my body from my head to my toes.
  • In Memory of Dafa Practitioner Hong Haoyuan

    His labour camp sentence was extended again and again, and the vicious policemen said they would "never release him until he gives up his belief in Dafa." However, under the pressure of practitioners' appeals from all over the world, they had to release him from the labour camp in 2002. By this time his body had become very weak due to the severe persecution. I didn't imagine that he would pass away so soon.
  • Nanmusi Female Forced Labour Camp Tortures Dafa Practitioners and Deceives Overseas Investigators

    The unlawful perpetrators of crimes at Nanmusi Female Forced Labour Camp not only brutally torment innocent Falun Gong practitioners, but also deceive investigators from Australia to cover up the facts, and retaliate against practitioners who reveal the lies to the investigators.
  • Kind and Upright Villagers Step Forward to Protect a Falun Dafa Practitioner

    Policemen barged into my home and dragged me outside before I even had time to put on enough clothes. I thought I shouldn't be taken away by these evil persecutors so I shouted, "Help! The police are arresting innocent people!" Upon hearing the shouting, villagers came rushing out from their homes and formed a barricade in front of the police van.
  • Brutality in Tiananmen Square Police Station: A Dafa Practitioner's Fingers Are Chopped Off

    There was one police officer hitting a male Dafa practitioner on the face and head. He dragged the practitioner into a room in the front of the police bureau. About half an hour later, this practitioner came back and said: "They chopped off my fingers." I saw there were only two thumbs left on his hands, which were wrapped in cloth. At that time, the cloth had turned dark gray because of his blood.
  • 15 Year Old Recounts Experiences of Suffering Persecution under the Jiang regime

    After we came back home from shopping my mum was illegally detained for another 15 days in accordance with the government's policy of maintaining "public security." I will never forget that Chinese Spring Holiday that I spent alone. During those holidays, I didn't even have one meal with my mum like other kids did and I only wished she could come home soon.
  • Female Practitioner is Beaten and Abused in Long Term Detention

    According to rough calculation, since the start of the persecution, greedy police extorted 10,490 Yuan from my family, who wished to rescue me from detention! This was a huge financial burden to us: My single mother is jobless and the only income was a little retirement money from my grandmother.
  • Pernicious Tricks Used in the Brainwashing Centres

    Agents of the Jiang regime said openly in the class that, "The principles of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance do not exist in Chinese history. The Chinese are not a peaceful race and five thousand years of Chinese history is evidence of a violent past. To become a better citizen means that you should not try to distinguish what is right and wrong. In China, you need to obey the Party and the regime's order to do things."
  • Chengdu Business Newspaper Reporter Admits to Fabricating News to Slander Falun Gong

    Reporter Chen Yong received public criticism and felt guilty. He went to the public security bureau to clarify to them that his article had "several places that were not accurate" and persuaded the police to not arrest people because of this incident. The police not only refused to release practitioners, but also arrested over one dozen more Dafa practitioners later that evening. These practitioners were illegally detained, interrogated, fined, and had their homes confiscated.
  • Weifang City Shuiku Brainwashing Centre Causes Death of Dafa Practitioner

    She was detained and mentally tortured at the "Shuiku Reform Centre," a brainwashing centre in Weifang City. Gao Shuhua held a hunger strike, as the only means left for her to protest the persecution, so the thugs working in the brainwashing centre brutally force-fed her, with intent to cause her serious harm. Around March 27, 2003, Gao Shuhua was unjustly and unnecessarily tortured to death.
  • After One and a Half Years of Torture, Hebei Province Practitioner Finally Passes Away

    He was arrested by the director and nine policemen of the Donghuayuan Police Station. The police hung him up and put him through the most pernicious torture, beating him savagely. As a result, he spit up blood, his entire body was black and blue, patches of his hair fell out leaving a piece of his scalp exposed, and both his legs were broken
  • I Sue Jiang Zemin for Making My Family and I Suffer for Almost 4 Years

    The third day another two hatchet men from the public security bureau came. As soon as they saw me, one of them said, "It's me who tortured Song Hengjie to death." The other one said, "No responsibility is noted for torturing Falun Gong practitioners to death. If they die, it's counted as a suicide." Song Hengjie and I lived in the same district. He was tortured to death in 2001. Police lied by saying that he committed suicide.
  • Perforated Eardrum, Burned Fingernails: Atrocities Against Falun Dafa Practitioners in Jinzhou City

    Since September 2002, Jinzhou Labour Camp officials madly persecuted Dafa practitioners and brainwashed determined ones. They used high voltage electric-shock batons, sleep deprivation, wooden boards to beat their faces, forced them to sit on small wooden stools in fixed positions for long periods of time, brutal beatings, and other atrocities to torture Dafa practitioners.