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  • Eye Witness Story: Yichun City Police Officers Violently Torture Dafa Practitioners

    Frustrated, policeman Qi You said, "Falun Gong (practitioners) do not smoke, right?" and then lit a cigarette and forced it into Chen's mouth. He covered Chen's nose to force him to inhale. Chen passed out and later didn't know what happened. That day they took Mr. Chen and his wife to the police department for detention; their nine-year old child was left at home alone.
  • Exposing the Evil Nature of Jiang Zemin's Regime with the Ordeals Dafa Practitioner Suffered under the Persecution (Part Two)

    I knew that Bai had deceived me. Perhaps he had already colluded with the forced labour committee to deceive me. The Chinese Constitution says it protects every citizen's freedom of belief, freedom of speech, right to appeal. However, Falun Gong practitioners who only want to keep fit and be good people, have been ruthlessly deprived of all these basic human rights -- the ruling Party and government under Jiang's single-handed manipulation have trampled these constitutional rights.
  • Exposing the Evil Nature of Jiang Zemin's Regime: the Ordeals Dafa Practitioner Suffered under the Persecution (Part One)

    I questioned the detention centre police as to why they opposed the law and regulations of the Chinese Constitution and tormented me with such a torture instrument that so gravely insults human dignity and impairs physical health. The police to my surprise ridiculed me, "So? Do you have a problem with it? Law? What is the law? Jiang Zemin is the law! We will do what Jiang Zemin says! If you have a problem you can talk to Jiang Zemin. Do you dare? We'll kill you!"
  • Bloodstained Floor--An Account of Brutal Torture Suffered By Female Practitioners In Chifeng City

    One day in June of 2000 Wang Jianfeng and many others broke into my home and threatened me, "We have new orders from Jiang. We thought everything was ok after holding the brainwashing class. But we have received orders via telephone from above that we must detain you until you are transformed."... Seeing that I still would not give in, they said: "She obviously will not give in." They then tried to force me to curse at a picture of Teacher. They beat me with wooden clubs until they shattered two of them. They said to me, "We have orders from Jiang Zemin -- it is not a crime to kill Falun Gong practitioners."
  • Tortured by Police on Numerous Occasions: Personal Account of Lu Dawei, a Practitioner in Liaoning Province (Photos)

    I was taken back to Fuxin and held at the detention centre there. The police at the detention centre told me, "You should just die here. This is the territory of Jiang Zemin."...One day, Wang Dazhu inserted a tube into my stomach and pumped in hard liquor and beer. He said, "You Falun Gong people don't drink alcohol, right? We are forcing you to drink alcohol. The head of the labour camp approved it."
  • "Good and Evil Have Been Reversed in This World!"

    An old man riding a bicycle hit by a car in Yangtun Village, Zhuanghe City, Liaoning Province. Without saying anything, the old man simply got up, brushed off the dirt and then got on his bike and left. The security chief officer's wife happened to witness the whole thing. She shouted, "He must be a Falun Gong practitioner. Otherwise he would have asked for money from the car driver. Catch the old man quickly!" Such a story is really sad, as good people are arrested while bad people remain at large. Sadder is the fact that such a story is not uncommon in China.
  • University Student Expelled for his Practice of Falun Gong Exposes the Persecution He Faced in Beijing's Tuanhe Forced Labour Camp (Part 3)

    In April 2001, several foreign reporters were planning to visit the Tuanhe Forced Labour Camp. The whole labour camp, from the top levels down to the lower levels, began their customary acts of deception, forcing practitioners of all groups to repeatedly watch those internally-produced video programmes entitled, "60 Questions and Answers for the Foreign Reporters." They drilled practitioners, forcing them to be consistent in speaking these astonishing lies. For example, if asked whether the detainees here were verbally abused, beaten or physically abused, the answer must be "no."
  • Baimalong Female Labour Camp Torture and Kill Practitioners

    According to Amnesty International's medical advice, these drugs are not in themselves sinister. There are specific disorders for which they are prescribed, but they should be administered by qualified doctors, and their use monitored. In the light of cases of torture and ill-treatment of Falun Gong practitioners, and in the absence of evidence that they suffer from any psychiatric disorder, it is evident that the administration of such drugs are a punitive measure.
  • In Memory of Professor Piao Shihao, Who Died as a Result of Persecution (Photo)

    Professor Piao was a good man with great virtue. He taught many outstanding students and had many academic achievements. But such a good person was subjected to such inhumane persecution by Jiang Zemin's group until, in the end, he died in the Yanji Detention Centre with no legal recourse, simply because he believed in Falun Dafa and Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance.
  • Speech at International Conference on 'Genocide in the New Era': "Justice against the Crime of Genocide"

    The International Conference on “Genocide in the New Era”, organised by “Friends of Falun Gong Europe” and “International Advocates for Justice”, took place in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm from January 26th to January 28th 2004. This is one of the conference speeches by New York Bar attorney Theresa Chu entitled "Justice against the Crime of Genocide", which was given on the morning of Tuesday January 27th.
  • Human Rights Stripped from Tsinghua University Students for Persisting in Their Belief in Falun Dafa

    Mr. Zhang Mengye was a graduate from the Department of Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering. He was a classmate of Hu Jintao, China's General Secretary. He was persecuted for writing to the central government before 1999 to express his understanding of Falun Gong. The "610 Office" of Guangdong Province devoted a lot of manpower to searching everywhere for him. They threatened that they would arrest him and send him to forced labour or a brainwashing class
  • Female Dafa Practitioner's Heartful Plea -"Who Will be Held Responsible for the Damage Done to My Family?"

    Because of my age, it was not easy for me to find a job. Thus, I had a lot of tribulations and have not been able to pay back my debt up to now. My children were seriously damaged by this incident. My younger daughter felt anxious all the time. In addition, the lies and hate-inciting propaganda on the TV, as well as the sneering from our neighbours and other people who didn't know the truth, all made my children unable to thrive, and it seemed to them that I had done some disgraceful things.
  • The Cruel Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Yueyang City

    However, would a poor farming family like Ms. Chen's be able to come up with such a large sum of money? Ms. Chen's husband fell into the depths of despair and almost committed suicide to escape the fine. Under the police's coercion and threats, he had no choice but to borrow money from friends and relatives. The police had also harassed them at home, and repeatedly ransacked their home. They wouldn't give Ms. Chen's family a moment of peace.
  • Neijiang "610 Office" Builds Its Own Brainwashing Centre to Persecute Falun Gong Practitioners

    They built an iron fence around the houses, set up monitors in every room and in all the places where Dafa practitioners were active, and hired security guards. Thus they effectively turned the area into a prison built especially for the "610 Office." All the practitioners who are sent to this brainwashing centre are forced to pay 2,000 to 5,000 Yuan. The "610 Office" staff either coerces the practitioners' families to pay the fine, or deducts the money from the practitioners' salaries or pensions.
  • University Student Expelled for his Practice of Falun Gong Exposes the Persecution He Faces in Beijing's Tuanhe Forced Labour Camp (Part 2)

    After several days, we were forced to work. The work was to wrap wooden chopsticks with a layer of paper. "Sterilized" was printed on the paper. In fact it was not hygienic at all. Detainees who had hepatitis, venereal disease, and other illnesses also had to work. None of us were ever asked to wash our hands before work. About 40 detainees were crowded in one room, and the chopsticks were piled up on the ground and on our beds. Hygiene was minimal.