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  • After an Amazing Recovery, Twelve-Year-Old Girl Dies after School Forbids the Practice of Falun Gong

    When a teacher asked, "Who practises Falun gong?" Twelve year old Qian replied, "I do." The teacher asked, "Don't you know our country doesn't allow practising Falun Gong?" Qian told the teacher, "I would have died if I hadn't practised Falun Gong." The teacher sent her directly to the principal's office, where the principal scolded her. He would not allow Qian to attend school unless she gave up the practice.
  • Gruelling Account of Chengdu City Ms. Meng Xiao -- A Practitioner Who Died as a Result of Four Years of Persecution (Part 1)

    On December 2 Meng Xiao came to the understanding that since Dafa practitioners were good and innocent people, they should not be forced by the prison to do slave labour for 13-14 and even 15-16 hours a day, and this was also in violation of the legal labour time requirement by prison law. She therefore refused to work....For almost one month, the guards didn't allow inmates to approach her or talk to her, and gave her nothing but a meagre portion of rice and salted vegetable.
  • Exposing the Evil Nature of Jiang's Regime: The Ordeals Dafa Practitioner Suffered under the Persecution (Part Six)

    It is well known that China has just joined in the WTO. Jiang Zemin's regime has promised the whole world they would crack down on pirated publications in China in order to safeguard the publishing business. However within the Tuanhe Labour Camp, which is part of the Chinese legal system, policemen were forcing detainees to bind illegal "Harry Potter" books series. The detainees were asked to fold, sort, and bind the sheets. Then the finished books were transported elsewhere for publication.
  • Japanese Practitioner, Ms Yoko Kaneko, Recalling the Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners in the Tenth Ward of the Beijing Police Hospital

    There was another female practitioner who refused the injection of unknown drugs. The police then shackled all four of her limbs to a bed. She bit at the needle and wouldn't let go. The police then tried hard to open her mouth, but they failed. Later the police used handcuffs to pry open her teeth, causing three of her teeth to break. She had blood all over her mouth.
  • Eyewitness Account: Dafa Practitioner Lei Ming Suffered Broken Bones All Over His Body Due to Torture

    Education section officer Gao also remarked that the most powerful person in the world is neither the UN Secretary or the U.S. President, but instead Jiang Zemin, since the presidents of other nations need to seek approval from several departments before proceeding to do what they intend. Also, they are responsible for whatever wrongdoing they commit, even after they leave office. Gao continued, Jiang Zemin's power is above the law of the entire nation, and whatever he says goes. Nobody in the world can compare with the power he has.
  • Arrest, Robbery, Brutal Beatings, Sexual Assault and Torture with Red Hot Pokers -- Crimes Committed by Pingdu City Police

    Zhang questioned him, "Who gave you permission to ransack my home?" Li Yaoguo said, "Go ask those above. They told us to come here." After that, they ransacked practitioner Mr. Wang Youzhong's home. Wang's wife asked Li Yaoguo, "Do you have a search warrant?" Li Yaoguo threatened, "I'll break down your doors and windows this time."....As it turned out, a passer-by saw it and shouted, "How can you torture her like that? Are you still human?"
  • Fushun City Mine Uses Various Means to Deny Innocent Dafa Practitioners Their Human Rights

    Pit-entrance worker Wang Youcai had to work every day but only got three Yuan in salary... He was again arrested by the Fushun City Police Department in April 2003, and after being brutally tortured there, he was sent to the Dashagou Detention Centre in Qingyuan County. After that, he was sentenced to three years in prison and is now detained in the Benxi Prison. His wife suffered a stroke and could not take care of herself, and neither did anybody else take care of her.
  • Laiwu City Dafa Practitioner Mr. Shang Qingling of Died from Severe Lung Injuries after being Tortured and Force-Fed with Excrement

    Upon returning home, Mr. Shang could not eat anything. He had chest pains and he was always short of breath. For more than ten days, he could only sit because he was unable to lie down due to the severe pain. His health condition deteriorated daily. He was sent to the Laigang Plant General Hospital for treatment, and doctors there drew out two bottles of pus from his chest. They tried their best, but they failed to save his life. On January 31, 2001, Mr. Shang Qingling died in hospital.
  • Qingdao Dafa Practitioner Ms Wang Xiaoli's Death Caused by Police Brutality

    After Wang Xiaoli died, they spread a rumour that she "committed suicide" in order to cover up the truth. However, the truth that Wang Xiaoli died as a result of the persecution quickly spread to the neighbourhood around her home. Chen Guolei, the director of Luoyang Street Police Station and Xu Zhaozhen, the director of Luoyang Street Resident's committee are very frightened. In an attempt to shift the responsibility, they told Wang Xiaoli's husband that her death had nothing to do with them.
  • Crimes Committed by Wang Quanfeng of the Weifang City "610" Office

    Wang Quanfeng, 39 years old, was formerly a "610 Office" official at the Fangzi District Police Department. He has since been transferred to another post. Since July 1999, he had been following Jiang Zemin together with the former District Chief Huang Weilian to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners with all sorts of methods. During this period of over 4 years, Wang abducted and persecuted countless Dafa practitioners. The facts listed here are only some of the crimes committed by Wang Quanfeng.
  • Tianjin Banqiao's Female Forced Labour Camp: Two Women Suffer Mental Collapse From the Stress of Severe Torture

    At the Tianjin Banqiao Female Forced Labour Camp, police and detainees torture Dafa practitioners. They claim that, "Any practitioner who dies from hitting or beating will be counted as suicide. TV will announce the news as suicide." In the brainwashing centre, the collaborators help the police treat firm practitioners badly. They let camp police and offenders frantically hit and beat the practitioners who refuse to give up practising Falun Dafa.
  • Chief Sun Hongzhi and Officer Chen Yongfu of Tanpeng Police Station Responsible for the Death of 24-Year-Old Falun Gong Practitioner Ms. Sun Xiumei

    24-year-old Anhui Falun Gong practitioner, Ms. Sun Xiumei, died as a result of persecution on the morning of February 2, 2000. She was murdered by the authorities in Tanpeng Police Station simply because she would not give up her belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance"! The authorities who are directly responsible for this crime are the head of the police station Sun Hongzhi and police officer Chen Yongfu. The details regarding Sun Xiumei's suspicious death is pending further investigation.
  • 66 Year Old Nanjing Falun Gong Practitioner Ms Duan Xiangdi Recounts Painful Memories of Intolerable Torture She Suffered in Mental Hospital and Forced Labour Camp

    On January 25, 2000, I planned to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. The local police station arrested me before I could leave and sent me to a psychiatric hospital without my consent. They even lied to my children. They told my children that they were protecting me by sending me to the psychiatric hospital because otherwise I would have been sent to the Northwest Forced Labour Camp. My children were told that I would be released in two weeks and that they could visit me.
  • The Four Stages of Persecution Implemented by Henan Province Number Three Forced Labour Camp

    The people responsible for directing and committing these crimes are extremely frightened of public exposure and thus used all means to block news from leaking out of the forced labour camp. Falun Gong practitioners were forbidden to have contact with anyone from the outside. They were not allowed to talk to anyone and the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners at the Number Three Forced Labour Camp described here only represents a small portion of the facts that could get past the information blockade.
  • The Sichuan Deyang Prison Makes Illegal Profits from Abusing Prisoners

    The Jewellery Association Factory owns 100,000 jewellery machines, which have all been set up in prisons, including the Deyang Prison. Some Chinese-owned enterprises in Thailand have also purchased many machines and have set them up in several prisons in Sichuan to have the jewellery processed. The Hong Kong Lepachu Industrial Co. Ltd and the Guangdong Liren Clothes Co. both use prisoners to make their products, some of which are sold to the United States.