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  • Dengta City Court Officials Sentence Four Innocent Falun Dafa Practitioners to Harsh Prison Terms

    A policeman, who completely lost his sense of decency, struck Liu in the face with the sole of his boot, kicking and punching him at the same time, causing Liu's face to swell. He also fractured two of Liu's ribs on his left side. Guan Wenjiang was also beaten until he was black and blue over his body. The eardrum of his left ear was punctured and injured by the torture.
  • Ruthless Torture Results in Whole-Body Paralysis

    During the past four days the "610 Office" assigned police from Jianshe North Street Police Station to Li Huiqi's elder sister's store to coerce her into handing over Li Huiqi, otherwise the police threatened to close down the shop. The shop is the only source of income for the five family members and it would be a great burden to them if it were shut down. The police's evil doings kindle kind people's indignation towards them.
  • Neighbours and Relatives Protect Falun Dafa Practitioners in Wuhan City, China

    On February 20, 2003, local police and government officials broke into Falun Dafa practitioners Zhang's and Zhu's houses to force them to attend a brainwashing session. Both practitioners and their families resisted the illegal arrests. After finding out about the situation, neighbours and relatives came over to support the practitioners. They told the police, "Why on earth do you want to reform these good people?" The police had to retreat because of the righteous thoughts and actions from the neighbours and relatives.
  • A Party Secretary and a Veteran Policeman Learn the Truth About Falun Gong

    A veteran police officer at my work unit received a truth clarifying CD about the Tiananmen Self-Immolation. He watched it attentively from start to finish. After he had finished watching it, he thought the analysis contained in the CD was reasonable and had grounds. He said to the other people: "In the CD there is truth and evidence. The Falun Gong practitioners truly 'solved the case'
  • Four More Dafa Practitioners Die from Torture -Shocking Death Toll Reaches 636

    On August 28 2001, less than 20 minutes after Yin Ling and her son came back from a holiday, seven to eight policemen broke into their home and forcibly took Yin away without any reason. Her 9-year-old son cried, "Mum, where are they taking you? I'm scared." Mother and son were thus separated; her son has had no one to care for him since.
  • Practitioner Han Chunyuan from Jilin Province Tortured to Death

    Chunyan was forcibly locked in a psychiatric hospital, where she was injected with unnecessary psychiatric medicine and suffered from inhuman torture. Practitioner Han Chunyuan was illegally sentenced to four years in prison. Shortly after her sentence, we heard news of her death from the persecution.
  • Vicious Policemen Abduct, Torture and Extort Money from Dafa Practitioners in Cheng'an County

    These vicious policemen also extorted huge amounts of money from Dafa practitioners' families. Some practitioners' families were forced to prepare a feast for the police and give them presents. They spent outrageous sums of almost 30,000 Yuan to have their family members released! These families not only lost their loved ones but also incurred large debts because of this persecution.
  • Corrupt Qinglong County Officials Hire People to Pose as Practitioners and Defame Dafa on TV

    Shortly before the Spring Festival, the Qinglong County Public Security Bureau of Hebei Province, local “610” Office, and other township governments recruited two dozen people to distort, defame, and attack Falun Dafa on TV. Many of them have never practised Falun Gong before. For 50 Yuan and with their travel expenses covered, the participants were made to commit these crimes.
  • Frenzied Police in the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp Hang Up Practitioners in the Air for One Week

    The abominable police drove the determined practitioners secretly out of the camp and sent them to a place where they handcuffed the practitioners, and hung them up with their feet suspended above the ground. This torture lasted for one week. The suffering it caused cannot be imagined. The scene was extremely terrible.
  • Non-Practitioners Treasure and Defend Falun Dafa

    "Even though I do not practise Falun Gong, I do know to tell people the truth about it. In fact, I often argue with people at work when we chat about Falun Gong. At first some of them are extremely against Falun Gong because they've accepted the lies on TV. So I ask them, 'How many Falun Gong practitioners do you know? Which one is like the ones that are depicted on TV? Don't accept those media stories without seeing with your own eyes. I have several old classmates who are practising Falun Gong and none of them are like what's on TV."
  • Murder in Jiamusi Detention Centre: Guards Stab Practitioner Repeatedly in the Head With Screwdrivers

    The detention centre staff took Zhang Changming home and tried to extort 500 Yuan from his family, but they did not have any money. Changming continued vomiting blood and bleeding from his many wounds after arriving home. Unable to eat or speak, he sadly died at 7:30 pm the same day. His entire back was blue, his legs shrunken, his chest, jaw, and right hand all covered in large bruises. There was still blood coming out his mouth the day after he died. His family has been under surveillance ever since.
  • Woman Dafa Practitioner Dies Jumping from Building to Avoid Arrest and Torture

    In broad daylight, the police dared to arrest practitioners like this. This is all because of the evil order issued by Jiang, who vowed to "destroy practitioners' reputation, drain practitioners' financial resources, and eliminate practitioners' bodies." Under Jiang's directive, if practitioners are beaten to death, it will be simply be counted as committing suicide! One more practitioner's life was thus taken by Jiang's regime.
  • “Salt All Over Her Wounds" -- A Witness Tells How Ms. Zhi Guixiang Was Tortured To Death

    When they took the towel off Zhi's face, it was covered with blood. Even under such conditions, she was put onto a torture device usually reserved for criminals facing the death penalty. A few days later, when the police saw Zhi Guixiang was dying, the guard said they would carry her away and send her to hospital. When I later asked for the whereabouts of Zhi Guixiang, the police said she died while on the way to external interrogation. It is clear that they are covering up the truth.
  • Wicked Shandong Province Police Force Practitioner to Have an Abortion

    In April 2001, Ms Jiao Fangyu and practitioner Zhang Wenhua were kidnapped while handing out Dafa truth-clarifying materials and were kept in a detention centre for a month. The evil people in the detention centre hung them up, beat them, humiliated them and electrically shocked them. At that time Jiao Fangyu was already four months pregnant. The evil people from Laiwu Steel's "610 Office" forcibly made her undergo an abortion.
  • People from all Walks of Life Come to Understand the True Facts

    A Falun Dafa practitioner in Longkou City explained the facts of Falun Dafa to the people around him. One person with a sense of justice said, "Falun Gong teaches people to be good. Don't pay attention to the nonsense heard on TV. No one believes that. Falun Gong practitioners are in front of us. No matter how the government attacks them, they still try to be good people. All of this we can see."