Brazil: Clarifying the Truth at the World Education Forum and the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre

Practitioners from Canada and the United States joined a Brazilian practitioner in introducing Falun Dafa and clarifying the truth at the World Education Forum (January 19-22, 2003) and the World Social Forum (January 23-28, 2003) in Porto Alegre, Brazil. About 100,000 people were expected to attend, including 30,000 delegates from 5,500 organisations in 126 countries.

We rented a booth, decorated it with banners and displayed many pamphlets in Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, English and French explaining the practice and the facts about the persecution. Many people walked by and stopped to watch the slow and elegant movements, and almost everyone accepted or asked for a flyer. Many truth-clarifying VCDs in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Chinese were handed out together with the flyers, helping people to better understand Falun Dafa and the brutal persecution in China. Many people asked questions, and learned the exercises.

The people in the neighbouring booths congratulated us for our efforts and said that they liked the Pudu and Jishi music and the practice music very much, as it was soothing and calm, and created an excellent atmosphere. Some of them came to practise with us and took materials with them to learn more about Falun Dafa.

Every morning we arrived at the booth and set it up very quickly. Every practitioner was really focused on doing his or her best. This opportunity of being together in Brazil, and to work together to clarify the truth, provided a very special opportunity for practitioners to share their understandings about Dafa, from different perspectives, when clarifying the truth. Each practitioner expressed their understanding of Dafa differently, which is the way they connected with Dafa. Each practitioner had different ways of arranging materials, and practitioners' concern and caring for each other created a great environment for this event. Even the Forum´s chief organiser for booths came to practise with us and told a practitioner how we are very calm and peaceful.

Language can be a barrier for the practitioners, but it was not a problem this time. There were two posters in Portuguese; one explained what Falun Dafa was and the other explained the persecution. Most people seemed to be learning about Falun Dafa for the first time. Even though we had difficulty explaining many things, we were able to point to the posters. When they had specific questions or would like a more in depth explanation, the Brazilian practitioner would speak to them in Portuguese. Each practitioner tried his or her best to explain about Dafa and the persecution, and even though most of us were limited in our ability to speak directly to people, we were able to clearly communicate with our hearts how Dafa has brought about changes in us that has deeply transformed us. We came here to let people know about the goodness of Dafa, and as we have focused on creating a good cultivation environment through Fa study together, the environment at the booth was very harmonious and pure. It has removed obstacles, allowing people to readily accept our Dafa flyers and ask for more information about Dafa.

Two ladies from the Ivory Coast in Africa stopped in front of our booth and talked to us for a long time about Dafa. After learning about the goodness of the practice they invited practitioners to come to their country to teach the practice, and even offered their contact information. They asked for more information in French so they can know more about the practice and to share with others back home.

The Chancellor of a Brazilian university stopped at our booth and found Dafa so interesting that he requested a copy of all the information we had in the booth in Portuguese and in Chinese. His is the only university in Brazil that has an exchange program with universities in China. He was so moved by what he learned about Dafa that he invited the Brazilian practitioner to teach the exercises at his university and to talk to the students about Dafa.

We have also encountered a fellow local practitioner who contacted us and has offered his unconditional help in all possible ways. He has learned Falun Dafa on his own for only four months and is already very diligent in practising. He has taken it upon himself to be the contact person in this city. He understands about the persecution and the sacredness of Dafa. Once he saw the dedication of the practitioners working from early morning until late at night, he invited us to stay in his home rather than letting us stay in boarding houses in the city.

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