Poem: Enlightening

Why? Oh Why? Must truth seem to die,
To show us the path we must take?
We’ve jumped to conclusions and live with illusions,
Compassion we look to forsake.

Asleep while we’re Walking, with fraudulence talking,
While wandering around lost in this maze.
We’ve now left this mark, in a life still so dark,
So slightly, awake in this haze.

As lost lonely children, we lie on our backs,
Still dreaming of treasures, we’d find.
Like gamblers, following luck, cause were shallow,
Without, stable sense in our mind.

Our hearts holds the key that unlocks, life’s true path,
As we, seem to be searching for light.
Remember the glow from the light in - the truth,
This brightens the path to what’s right.

With karma(1) Our destinies truly deserved.
Let’s turn, and awaken our hearts.
Reinforcing foundation through self cultivation,
Lifts us back together, no longer apart.

To grow back together we must learn to share.
When awakened, we’ll know true Compassion,
And in blossoming days, our spirits will raise,
Then caring becomes our souls passion.

As Compassion grows into a Tolerance true,
Our being awakens to glow.
With faiths admiration, in life’s fathered creation,
Through eternity, love will then, grow.

Try, and remember, this grandest of gifts.
and cultivate In our creator’s place.
Falun(2) a must, a friend that we can trust.
Without, we would be nothing but space.

Falun majestically molds truth into life
Our creator’s gift to us all timeless love
Always our story hold on for life’s glory
Continue with growth to rise high above

(1) In traditional Chinese culture, karma is believed to be a black substance which is caused by commiting wrongdoings. It is also believed that to eliminate karma, one has to suffer hardships.
(2) Can be directly translated as "Law Wheel".

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