Practitioners Treated Worse than Beasts in Sanshui Forced Labour Camp

As we entered the ominous Sanshui Forced Labour Camp, we were met by an invasive physical exam, threats, and then brainwashing. They decreed that we could only use the toilet 4 times per day, no exceptions. If we didn't give in to their demands, the police would force us to stand, squat or run in the sun for long periods of time even when the temperature rose above 25 Celsius, and not allow us to drink water or go to the toilet. They would also forbid us from speaking to each other.

On other days, we would be confined in a small cell alone. After our clothes were removed and we had been chained to the wall, like an animal, they would shock us with up to 8 electric batons at once. In one instance, Falun Dafa practitioner Chen Jingting, who passed out while squatting under the sun, was immediately confined in the small cell and shocked with electric batons. Another practitioner, Jia Guodong's chest was visibly scarred by the shocks.

Day after day, the police adopted very cruel measures to torture us all day long and then deep into the night.

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