My Brother's Mind is Opened

Before learning Falun Dafa my family relationships were very poor and we all had much bitterness from old 'injustices ' in our hearts. As Dafa's light illuminated this situation for me, I made peace with four of my five siblings. One by one I moved them by simple acts of kindness.

I came at last to my fifth and final brother, who had, despite later troubles, in happier times been the close companion of my early youth. I was surprised it had taken me so long to help gather him to the profound Compassion of Master Li’s teachings, so I quickly wrote him a Christmas card made by Dafa practitioners, suggesting I might visit him in his London flat and stay the night for old times' sake. I thought he would be cautious or even suspicious about this overture but hoped he might drop me a line sometime in the New Year. Imagine my heart's peace when he rang me on Christmas day to thank me for the 'lovely' (not a word I had ever heard him use) card and to tell me, without any prior discussion, the following story:

Being a draughtsman by trade, it had caught his attention that there was a Falun Gong 'guy' always appealing outside the architect's office (opposite the Chinese embassy) in London. He said that as he walked by him one day he was seized by an intense desire to kick him into the street! He walked on trying to make sense of this strong impulse when suddenly, at the very next corner, he was almost killed by a car! He immediately sensed a direct connection between his impulse to attack the practitioner and his almost losing his life. He was absolutely convinced of it when the very same thing happened at the subsequent junction too!

His mind seemed to have been so opened by this experience, that when I explained that I believed what had occurred was related to matters of evil and goodness appearing in the world together, of interference and of karmic retribution, he was able to accept it on a deeper level than I would previously have thought possible.

Even more wonderful was his clear fascination to find out more about something that seemed to have a living manifestation in his own direct experience. He extended a warm invitation for me to come to see him and talk more about the implications of what had transpired.

The difference in the quality of this exchange with my brother, compared with the state of our communications before, reminded me how truly the boundless Dafa rectifies all abnormalities!

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