One Righteous Thought

I am going to talk about an experience I had In London. We appeal 24 hours a day in front of the Chinese Embassy and one night at about 2.30 am, I was at the Embasy alone reading Zhuan Falun [the main text of Falun Dafa]. I remember it was very cold so I had a blanket wrapped around my legs. As I was sitting there, a car pulled up in the middle of the street and out got a man with a knife in his hand. He came very close to me and then looked to see whether anybody was around the corner nearby. I could feel that he had a bad intention and I was the target. At this point I looked down into my book and I knew If I read calmly and didn't panic or think too much about what could happen I would be OK. He then walked past me and sat in the car were he started to assemble something. The car door was open and he was sat with his legs out on the road focusing his attention on me every so often. I could tell he wanted to frighten me, and that if I did become frightened he would act.

So I just calmly read the book and made sure I didn't panic. I became so concentrated in reading that he left and that was that, I never thought too much about it again until about a month later a fellow practitioner told me about her brother’s experience. He was visiting the RIBE building in London, which is directly opposite the Chinese Embassy. He described his feeling as he approached a practitioner. He said he had this over powering sensation to kick this practitioner, but resisted. A few seconds later a car nearly killed him. Then as he walked further, another car nearly hit him. This experience left him shocked, and gave his sister the opportunity to tell him about the principles of good and evil.

I think these are examples of life and death situations where one righteous thought or action can determine the future of that individual.

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