Poem: Wishing Teacher A Happy New Year

While the New Year is arriving, we would like to greet you with our loftiest respect. We wish Teacher A Happy New Year and we wish Falun Dafa practitioners around the world A Happy New Year!

Wishing Teacher a Happy New Year

Wishing Teacher A Happy New Year,
Praise from beings fills the universe;
With boundless mercy, predestined relationships are formed layer upon layer,
In both heaven and on earth, the effort has been immeasurable.

Turning the Law Wheel,
Spreading the Great Tao(1),
The Fa(2) creates all that is new and righteous.
Experiencing hardships,
Bearing karma(3) and tribulations as your own.
Exhausting all of yours,
Now is the time when the Fa rectifies the colossal firmament.

Mercy is tremendous,
The light from the Fa illuminates all,
Heaven and earth are being reborn.
The immense firmament is even more majestic,
Countless beings are smiling.
Guiding practitioners along the path,
Every red plum blossom is beautifully defying the snow;
Founding pure, new deities,
The invincible might shakes even the highest of heavens

Grace is so vast that it can never be matched,
Practitioners choke with sobs and shed tears in billows.
The only wish is for a pure and loyal heart,
Dissolving into Fa and validating Fa,
Eliminating all misconceptions
Saving all,
Dispersing the haze, so that spring may arrive.
Hundreds of millions have the same thoughts,
Fulfil a grand wish.

(1)Tao is commonly known as "The Way"
(2)"Law”, “Way” or “Principles”
(3)In traditional Chinese culture, karma is believed to be a black substance which is caused by commiting wrongdoings. It is also believed that to eliminate karma, one has to suffer hardships.

Translated on January 2, 2003 from http://www.yuanmingeurope.net/articles/200212/15802.html

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