New Year’s Greetings to Master Li from Dafa Practitioners in Britain

Dafa practitioners in Britain send their respectful New Year’s greetings to our great Master.

With the approaching of New Year, Dafa practitioners in Britain express their genuine appreciation for everything that Master has done. The following poem is written by the Dafa practitioners in Britain to express their gratitude.

Looking back at our path, we press our hands together in front of our chest to express our thanks.

In the year of Jen Shen in the lunar calendar, shining beams of light appear,
Falun rotates, sweeping across...renewing the whole cosmos.
Millions of beings, with their mental and physical health restored, will bear in mind
Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, which brings goodness to the universe.

The heavens seem to crumble; demons appear to be out of their minds,
Where there are waves of thick clouds, there is dark, dense haze.
The citizens are fooled, their minds poisoned by venomous deceit,
The bullying scoundrels, conscienceless and frantic, subject people to persecution.

Rectifying the colossal firmament, bearing the karma of all beings,
Heaven and Earth stand in awe, gods and ghosts moved to tears.
Teacher guides the voyage; Dafa practitioners purify the evil elements.
The colossal firmament, cloudless and pure, the heavens become clear again.

The universe illuminated, people’s hearts return to righteousness,
Blessings descend from the heavens.
Rainbows dancing, gods singing, highly spirited and sonorous.
Look at the new cosmos, spectacularly wonderful..

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