Poem: Friend, You Should Also Understand

By Lin Zhong

Coming from the remote ancient past
Coming from the cosmos that is so vast
Just because of one merciful thought
We bravely risk ourselves
Down to earth step by step

The bottomless human world
Is a maze that is so gigantic
Once we are here
We have no way to get out
We’ve been chasing fame and pursuing gain
We’ve been following the tide and floundering in many places
We’ve been exploring the principles and seeking for the truth
We’ve reincarnated again and again and experienced many vicissitudes of life
What we’ve obtained however
Karma on entire body and
A run-down body and mind

Our gratitude to you
The merciful and great Master
It is you that spread Dafa far and wide
Show clearly the way that we can go back
It is you that rectify the heaven and earth with the Fa
Re-create the sweet and eternal homestead
But for the sake of us
You’ve experienced tribulations and hardships of all kinds

Today, we have an important mission on our shoulders
To save all sentient beings
That are beclouded and poisoned by the deceptive lies
We influence people with our behaviour
We convince people with the facts
We reclaim people with our compassionate heart
We move people with our selflessness

Oh, human in the world, you should also understand
It is Dafa of the universe
That creates you and me
We risk our life to clarify the truth
That is to wish you a future which is brilliant

Good rewarded with good, evil with evil,
this is a heavenly principle that is unchangeable
The whole things will come to be obvious in near future

Translated on December 27, 2002 from http://www.yuanming.net/articles/200212/15566.html

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