Twenty Minutes of Clarifying the Truth to a Member of the European Parliament

Because of the resolution in the European Parliament Conference on December 19 regarding Hong Kong's Article 23 of the Basic Law, practitioners from various countries came to the European Parliament Conference held in Strasbourg, France to clarify the truth to representatives from their respective countries. Some practitioners made phone calls in advance to arrange for an appointment, but the members of parliament were all very busy and their assistants frequently said that they had no time for us. We therefore went directly to knock on their doors and went up to them to reveal the truth. I realised that during this time our hearts were very righteous and the response of the members of parliament were also very positive.

I recalled that I went with one practitioner from Germany to visit an MEP. He had not heard of Article 23 of the Basic Law and his responsibility does not have much to do with China. In the beginning his expression was that of indifference. We analysed the contents of the Article 23 with him and he was able to understand quickly that this law was against democracy and freedom. He asked us when was the voting time [to reach a resolution for or against Article 23 of basic law], and we told him. He plainly told us that he would not be in Strasbourg at that point in time and was unable to take part in the voting. We told him that we only wanted to let him know about this matter with the hope that he could talk about this matter with his colleagues. Later we diverted the topic to Falun Gong. We told him our first hand experience of democratic countries putting Falun Gong practitioners on a blacklist due to pressure from the Jiang regime and also Hong Kong's unfair trial against sixteen practitioners. We used the chance to explain how Hong Kong and other countries would be affected if the Article 23 of the Basic Law was enacted. He continued to listen and then suddenly he said once again with much regret that he was unable to be present at the voting. However, this time his tone of voice was different. When we bade our farewell, he shook our hands and sincerely wished us success and expressed appreciation for our passion regarding this matter and for letting him know about it.

Teacher said in the Philadelphia conference, "As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts" (Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.)

Frequently in the process of ten or twenty minutes, we see people change from being disinterested to being grateful to us and admiring our courage and even wishing us success. As long as our hearts are righteous, our environment also changes accordingly. But when our righteous thoughts are not strong, we cannot awaken the righteous thoughts of those we are speaking to and do not get any response. As long as we study the principles of Falun Gong more and maintain righteous thoughts at all times, we can take each step well.

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