Two Stories of People Awakening to the Truth

Dafa Practitioner's Husband Resists Harassment from Government Officials with a Righteous Mind

Some time ago, the local street office called my husband, who is not a Dafa practitioner, saying that because of pressure from upper levels, I should write a "guarantee" statement to give up my practise of Falun Gong or be sent to the local brainwashing centre. If I am not reformed locally, I will be sent to the city level brainwashing centre, or further, sent to a forced labour camp. It was said that every street area was allotted a quota to brainwash a few Falun Gong practitioners, especially the younger ones. In order to satisfy this evil order, the city set up many brainwashing centres. So, one by one, they called my husband a few times a day. The following are part of their conversations on the phone:

The Street Office (J): Is your wife home?

My husband (X): Yes, what's the matter!

J: The district government asked your wife to take part in a [brainwashing] class over here, or write a "guarantee" to give up the practise of Falun Gong. This is a serious order and should be implemented to the person designated; you must tell your wife to come to the office at once.

X: "A guarantee" will not be written. I know that's impossible.

J: (in a threatening tongue) This is an order from the upper level. She should go, or we'll not be responsible if any serious consequences occur.

X: Aren't you doing wrong? You are forcing my family apart? She is all right now, and has done nothing against society; aren't you are pushing me to the end? Why do you keep doing this, it's terrible.

J: You better persuade her; we cannot resist the order from the upper level. Or let her come here to talk with me.

X: My family is perfect fine now, my wife is very nice to all of us, and she is perfect. It's you that keeps harassing us. To tell you the truth, she is still practising.

J: (no answer) OK, you go to persuade her again, or let her come to talk with me.

X: That's not necessary.

So, my husband refused to cooperate with their illegal requirements. Later, they went to the local police station nearby, but the police in charge of our area refused them (the local police know that Falun Gong practitioners are very good). A policeman also called my husband to apologise for the way the street office had harassed me. I offered my gratitude to him, and was happy for his righteousness.

"I followed four plainclothesmen today!"

My father-in-law is almost seventy years old. He is a retired cadre. One day he went for a walk, and found four suspicious people in front of him. Out of curiosity, he followed the four, and found that they were following two ladies. My father-in-law carefully checked the two ladies, and believed they were good people. So he caught up to the two and asked: "What are you doing over here? Four plainclothes are following you." They replied: "We are just out shopping, we are not bad people, we are Falun Gong practitioners." Hearing this, my father-in-law knew what was going on, as he is sympathetic to Dafa practitioners. At this moment, he thought, "My daughter-in-law was persecuted for practising Falun Gong." So he said to the two: "You better leave here, they've followed you for about an hour. Do you have any money? I can lend you some, please call a taxi and go." Right then, they came to a department store, and as they were going to enter, the four plainclothes police blocked the entrance. My father-in-law knew there were side doors, so he reminded them to leave from there. In this way, the two Dafa practitioners got rid of their followers.

My father-in-law told me the story after he came home and I was very happy to hear about his righteous behaviour. I said: "Dad, I should thank you in place of them."

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