Chengdu City Police Put Dafa Practitioners into Bags, then Abduct and Rob Them

During the 16th Party Congress, Xindu regional police in Chengdu City abducted a large number of Dafa practitioners. Before they seized the practitioners, a few dozen police would surround the buildings where the practitioners lived. Some others would rush up into the building and, when they saw the practitioners, they would grab each of them and stuff them into a large gunnysack, then beat and kick him/her before carrying the bagged practitioner downstairs and throwing him/her into a police car.

Some practitioners are storeowners. Not only did the regional police kidnap these practitioners in the same way, but they also robbed their stores and took away all their merchandise. So far, more than 40 practitioners have been abducted and their whereabouts are unknown.

It is said that a large number of practitioners are detained in the Nibatuo Brainwashing Centre.

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