Jiang Regime's Persecution Against European Citizens (Part 18) - British residents detained in China

British residents unlawfully detained and maltreated in China

Names: Zheng Fang Mo (female, student in Dundee)
Yi You (male, Dundee)
Qian Ling Song (female, student in Oxford)

Location: Beijing


Zheng Fang Mo was arrested with her husband Yi You on the 20th of December 1999 at a hotel in Beijing where they were on holiday in China. She was 8 months pregnant at the time. Police broke into their hotel room, searched them and their personal belongings and then arrested the couple without a warrant. Their Falun Gong books were taken away. The police kicked Ms Mo and her husband's legs and also hit her husband's head. No food was given from 11am to 11pm.

They were transferred to the Cheng Du Government Office in Beijing , where they were detained for 7 days. There they they were forced to sleep on a concrete floor with no bedding, they had to wait hours to obtain permission for going to the toilet. When they tried to do their daily Falun Gong exercises, they were told that we would be handcuffed to a column outside the building, although it was freezing cold (about -10°C) outside.

They were forced to leave China without finishing their planned holiday. Before they went on the plane back to the UK they were told by the police that should they come back to China and become involved in any Falun Gong related activities, then they would no longer be allowed to go abroad again and that their passports would be kept by the police.

Ms Qian Ling Song was arrested together with Zheng Fang Mo and her husband. She received the same treatment as Zheng Fang Mo and her husband. She was detained for 3 days before being forced to leave Beijing and then China.

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