Australia: Melbourne Minghui School Founded

The Melbourne Minghui School was founded on November 17, 2002. Currently all students are young practitioners and Dafa practitioners' children with ages ranging from three to sixteen years old. Every Sunday, after Fa Zheng Nian [rough translation - sent forth righteous thoughts. This can be understood as a type of meditation], they would get together to study the Fa [principles of Falun Dafa], recite Hong Yin [the collection of Teacher Li's poems], sing songs written by Dafa practitioners, share experiences on cultivation practise and Fa-spreading, and learn some basic Chinese.

The Melbourne Minghui School aims at creating an environment for young practitioners to have group Fa-study and experience sharing. Through mutual assistance and encouragement, more children would come to join the group Fa-study and group practise. Studying basic Chinese would pave the way for them to eventually read Zhuan Falun in Chinese.

During the two-week group Fa-study, young practitioners were extremely happy, especially during the group recitation of two poems "Enlightened Being" and "Smile," their innocent faces appeared so earnest, and many of them are proud of being able to recite these two poems.

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