Israel: Falun Dafa Workshop in North Netanya

By Israeli practitioners

At the beginning of November 2002, a Falun Dafa workshop was held at Avihail in North Netanya, Israel. A local practitioner prepared some signs to advertise the workshop with help from her children.

It was amazing to see how the people who arrived at the workshop had a great predestined relationship with Dafa. Next to the workshop venue, a group of people were playing soccer and a local practitioner invited the players and the audience to join us for one hour of meditation. Alongside them was a man standing with his bicycle watching the game. He immediately put his bicycle aside and joined the workshop group. At the end of the practice he was very happy and interested to find out about the local practice sites. We found out that he left his house that day for a 30-minute bike ride and ended up next to the soccer players as if he was waiting for something. He was waiting for Dafa!

The workshop was very successful and it has been decided that a local practitioner will run a group practice there on a regular basis, every Friday at 8:30am. In case you would like to join us, you may contact Roni on 058-780009.

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